Leaked Ukrainian Documents Show Millions of Dollars Funneled to Hunter Biden and John Kerry’s Family

“If everything is on the up and up, then why is everything Schiff is doing being done on the sly, and behind closed doors?  I will tell you why, if everything were above board and out in the open, Schiff’s so-called ‘investigation’ would go up in smoke, and he knows it.”  (True Conservative Pundit)

You just can’t make this kind of stuff up.  The big hoorah with Adam Schiff (who claims he does not know who the whistleblower is) and the whistleblower is 24-7 news coverage with the potential impeachment circus hovering close by.  So the bad guy here is as usual Donald J. Trump who must be impeached at once for high crimes against the United States.  Uh huh, right.

Does anyone believe the Democrats anymore?  Anyone at all – is there anyone this naive?

Back in October I wrote that this whole Ukrainian deal was nothing more than a Democrat last ditch set up to stop and/or get rid of Trump:

“Enter the Trump/Ukraine call, where the evil dictator Trump ordered the Ukraine government to look into Joe and Hunter Biden’s nefarious activities, or else.  Except – it did not happen that way.

In my recent article, Hollywood’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is Off the Charts – the Return of the Queen – Mini AOC, She’s Baaaaaack!, I wrote that:

‘The Democrats are head-over-heels in love with impeaching the tyrant Trump.  Yet they ignore serious evidence of massive wrongdoing by Hunter and Joe Biden in Ukraine.  Never mind that the Ukraine call transcript verifies that Trump did nothing wrong, and that the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy backed up this assertion.’

Meanwhile, Adam bubblehead Schiff knew all about the whistle blower complaint before the complaint was filed according to The Washington Examiner:

‘House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff knew the details of the whistleblower’s complaint against President Trump before it was filed because the CIA officer went to one of the committee aides beforehand, according to the New York Times.’

So the intelligence committee chairman knew about this beforehand and said nothing; that is until it was politically expedient to do so.  Maybe this would not seem to be so bad on the face of it, except that it is becoming apparent that the wolf’s lion’s share of the wolf’s den knew about this long ago!”

So the whistleblower spoke to Schiff’s staff before even filing a complaint, yet Schiff doesn’t know who he is.  It’s not nice to lie Mr. Schiff.

Schiff has even threatened Republicans with an ethics investigation if they mention the whistleblower during the impeachment inquiry.  What exactly does Adam Schiff have to hide?

If everything is on the up and up, then why is everything Schiff is doing being done on the sly, and behind closed doors?  I will tell you why, if everything were above board and out in the open, Schiff’s so-called “investigation” would go up in smoke, and he knows it.

The Gateway Pundit is now reporting new information on the Ukraine situation – and it does not look good for Hunter Biden and his daddy’s campaign, not to mention the John Kerry family.

In leaked documents reportedly via the Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s office:

Millions of dollars was transferred to a “slush fund” controlled by Hunter Biden and the John Kerry family among others.

Burisma Holdings Limited paid out millions of dollars to Hunter Biden and the John Kerry family.

Millions of dollars is transferred, and just like that, Burisma Holdings is no longer under investigation.

So where I might ask is the righteous indignation, where are the leaders of the Democrat Party?  Adam Schiff and/or Nancy Pelosi have done nothing; there is no investigation into this rather serious matter. According to Nancy, this is all above board and is being done to protect the Constitution and blah, blah, blah. But yet even with plenty of serious evidence of wrongdoing, there remains no “inquiry” into the Bidens or other players in the largest soft coup attempt ever in the history of the United States.

Why is that?

Because this is all about politics and destroying Trump, regardless of the cost to country or anyone in this great country, contrary to Pelosi’s utterly asinine and untrue statement.

“‘Democrats are showing great patriotism,’ Pelosi, D-Calif., said Thursday, praising Schiff, D-Calif., for his ‘dignity and statesmanship.’ ‘This isn’t about politics or anything political, it’s about patriotism, it’s about honoring our oath of office, and upholding the Constitution.'”  (Source)

Patriotism???  Oh please get serious, Pelosi and her cabal would not know what patriotism is if it testified before Congress.  Pelosi and Schiff and the other members of the Leftist cabal have no problem whatsoever with looking right into the camera, or We the People’s eyes – and spouting Leftist propaganda and telling blatant lies.

The Left’s only interest is the destruction of Donald J. Trump.  This is blatantly obvious to all who can claim to rub together more than two brain cells.

“When a president first takes office, he is often given what is called a Honeymoon Period: For a few months, the public, the media, and members of Congress tend to give the president the benefit of the doubt and treat him well. However, this honeymoon period is usually fairly short and often gives way to opposition and hostility.”  (Source)

Trump meanwhile never had a “honeymoon” since elected to office.  The attacks on him via the Leftists and their trained lapdogs (the media, and most all of social media) have been open, vicious, and non-stop since day one, even before day one on the campaign trail.

Yet this billionaire turned president; whom it needs to be pointed out here – had no need of public office, and never aspired to be a politician, stepped away from a life of luxury and into a life straight out of Hell itself.  The presidency is hard for anyone, yet for this president, it has been much more difficult than any other president has ever had it before.  Never before in the history of American government has a president been attacked so often, so flagrantly, and so cruelly.  There is zero respect for, not to mention no regard for the president, or even his family.  No one is off limits in the Left’s vitriolic attacks on Trump, his family, or his staff – at least those members of said staff that are loyal to Trump.

Being loyal to Trump gets you railroaded like General Michael Flynn.

Despite all this, Trump perseveres and has accomplished much including the removal of China as the controller of our second largest seaport.  Few reported on this important accomplishment because reporting on the impending impeachment of Trump was and is more important.

Trump is not perfect of course, but yet if anyone is going to be fair – Trump has delivered on more campaign promises and in a shorter time frame than anyone else ever has. 

So I ask you here; who is the real enemy of America?  Who is the real colluder against American interests and the “Constitution?”

It is not President Trump.

Greg Holt

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