How to Tell That the News Media is Lying to US

Some ecological environments show an amplifier effect where reducing one population lets another population explode. In our intellectual environment today, we see an explosive growth of lying politicians once the media starts lying to us even a little. I’m not a prude when it comes to dishonesty. I expect people to lie, and some much more than others. All of us expect politicians lie as they try to get what they want. We certainly don’t expect the truth from these undisciplined attention addicts who will say anything to get elected. The only thing that holds politicians in check is a spotlight from the press, and today, the press is in the tank for the Democrats. We know the media lies to us because the politicians are never shamed into telling the truth.

Diogenes searching the world for an honest man

-In one breath, Senator Kamala Harris, a democrat once a candidate for president, says we should turn in our guns, yet she owns a handgun for self protection. The senator thinks her life is more important than ours, and she knows the media won’t call her on her hypocrisy.

-Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, blamed oil companies for the frighteningly high price of gas, and then signed a bill to restrict exploration for oil and gas in California. Setting aside the insane environmental regulations in California, the state and local taxes on a gallon of gas in California are far larger than industry profits. The governor will blame anyone and anything to hide the fact that taxes and regulations make gasoline in California over twice the price we see in the rest of the country. The politicians know the media won’t shine a light on their political failures.

-The governor of California cut a deal with the largest electric utility in the state so the utility could shut off the electricity when high winds are forecast. Then, the governor says that we should buy electric cars and solar panels which don’t work when the utility turns off the electricity. The governor needs someone to else to blame for millions of California citizens sitting in the dark.. so he blamed the “greedy utility”. The news media lets this lie slide.

-Environmentalists in California don’t want anyone to cut trees. They already shut down most of the lumber mills in California. That means the bankrupt state of California doesn’t have money from timber leases to build fire breaks, repair remote access roads, and thin brush. Underbrush accumulates and leads to the intense wildfires that are ravaging California..again and again, year after year. The Democrat politicians who rule California need someone to blame as citizens wonder if their house will burn down. California Governor Newsom blames.. climate change. The media nods their approval rather than ask why California is burning and the rest of the world isn’t.

-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that a pipeline company couldn’t build a needed natural gas pipeline to the New York City area. Then, the governor said the utility company had to connect customers to the gas pipeline the governor wouldn’t let the gas company build. The news media refuses to put two and two together.

For every example I write down, you can think of several of your own. We’ll know the media is doing its job when the politicians stop lying. Until that happens, we will have to put the pieces together on our own. We will have to read enough so that we can recognize truth from lies, separate hard fact from political fiction, and tell the truth.

The great news is that with social media today, we have the means to spread the truth among our family and friends as never before. The media should be afraid of you. Thank you for all you do.

Rob Morse

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