Open Borders, the Sequel

The need to believe in oneself as part of the agency of human salvation runs deep for leftists and environmentalists who have made their obsessions a secular religion. And humanity doesn’t need salvation if there is no sin in the first place. Hence human must be sinners—somehow—in need of redemption from the left.   Steven F. Hayward

Despite recently published scientific research that demonstrates Antarctic ice shelves are growing exponentially and 500 European scientists petitioning the U.N. to halt radical climate policies because there is no emergency, liberal extremists are claiming millions have already been displaced due to climate consequences such as rising sea level.

“America will continue to stand tall as a safe haven for immigrants,” proclaimed NY Democrat Nydia Velazquez as she introduced the Climate Displaced Persons Act, HR 4732 in October 2019, with thirteen Democrat cosponsors.  This bill would offer green cards to a minimum of 50,000 “climate displaced person” beginning in 2020 that have been “forcibly” displaced by climate change or climate induced disruptions such as glacial outburst floods, desertification or fires.   In addition Velazquez’s bill would direct the Secretary of State, in coordination with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), to devise a Global Climate Resilience Strategy and create a Coordinator of such that would be responsible for “all” federal efforts to address the effects of climate change.

Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, one of the leading advocates for AOC’s Green New Deal, offered a companion bill in the Senate. 

According to the left of center Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, catastrophic weather has displaced an average of 24 million a year and could easily climb to anywhere from 140 million to 300 million to 1 billion by 2050.  The World Bank also estimated that climate change effects in just three regions – sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Latin America – could force 143 million people to flee their native lands by the middle of the century. 

Forget to pay your mortgage, wake up with a large pimple?  – blame climate change; everyone else is doing it. From an increase in severe acne to all societal collapses since the beginning of time, just about everything gone wrong in the world today can be attributed to climate change.

Forest fires, mudslides, droughts, crop failures, monsoons, Tsunamis,  tornados, hurricanes, higher than normal temperatures, lower than normal temperatures,  snow,  invasions of jellyfish, a crack in the Arctic Ice shelf, the death of Aspen trees in the West, coral deaths, Eskimos forced to leave their village, a disappearing lake in Chile, early heat wave in Vietnam, Malaria and other water borne diseases,  Dengue fever,  Typhoid, flesh-eating disease,  asthma and hay fever, oxygen starved dead zones in the oceans, fatal shark attacks,  severe acne,  global conflict, Cougar attacks in Canada, the wave of suicides of Australian farmers, skin cancer, kidney stones, increase threat of HIV/AIDs, killer stingrays, infertility, overpopulation, wars, anxiety, insomnia,  UFO sightings,  increased traffic, heart attacks, strokes, the rise in insurance premiums, acid rain, change in swam migration patterns, heroin addiction, invasion of foreign plant species, and my personal favorite, prostitution are but a few of things blamed on climate change.

Leave it to the left to use environmentalism as a tool to scare people into throwing open their borders. But the idea that America should open her borders to those affected by environmental issues adds an entirely new stratosphere to the socialist madness. 

It’s one thing for Americans to dig deep in their own pockets and, with compassion,  and in sympathy, offer up donations to help those of the world most in need, especially during times of disasters and quite another for political pinheads to make the case that taxpayers are obligated to help anyone, anywhere in need through redistribution and open borders.  One is free market – the other communism.

HR 4732 is in the Committees on Foreign Affairs, Judiciary and Energy and Commerce.  If it ever passes and is signed into law,  anyone could cross our border claiming to be a Climate Displaced Person, be given a green card, work permit, and registered as a new Democrat voter.

“Activist liberal elites always need a Grand Cause to satisfy their messianic needs, or for the political equivalent of a dopamine rush. For such people, the only thing worse that catastrophic climate change is the catastrophe of not having a catastrophe to obsess over—and use as an excuse to extend political control over people and resources, which is the one-size-fits-all answer for every new crisis that starts through the issue-attention cycle.”   Steven F. Hayward

Source:  Climate migrants,’ the left’s tool to pry borders wide open, Washington Times; Democrat’s “Climate Displaced Persons Act” Aims to Bring in MILLIONS of “Climate Change Refugees” to America, American Liberty Report; Global Warming Ate My Homework: 100 Things Blamed on Global Warming, the Daily Signal

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