Why the Political-Left Hates Women and Blacks

You can name the stereotypical liberal voting blocks with your eyes closed.  For socialists in the US, losing women and minorities as a reliable voting block would be like California leaving the union.  The political support for Democrats is hanging by a thread while socialists ideology drives away more and more voters. Look at all the taboos in the Socialists’ culture.  You are not allowed to be a conservative academic or a conservative actor. How dare you step out of line and leave your assigned beliefs. You can’t be a small government conservative or libertarian if you’re one of the wholly owned left wing voting groups.

Or can you? Here are individuals who’ve broken the mold, and there are more of them every day. The Socialists are acting like jilted lovers.

That explains the hate poured out on Antonia Okafor. She is a vocal black conservative. She was an Obama voter, but not any more. She discovered that she wasn’t welcome in the Democrat/Socialist party if she was against abortion. She’s been called a Coon, a House Nigger, a sell out, and an Aunt Tom.  That sounds like a war on women to me.  According to the Socialists, being pro-choice only means choosing the Socialist Party line.



Colion Noir is an urban black gun owner. He has been called a token black man and an Uncle Tom because he proudly advocates for self-defense. Liberals can’t tolerate a diversity of views once black men leave the plantation. This is particularly true for urban black men. Who knew but that black men are responsible..just like everyone else.


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Shayna Lopez Rivas was raped on campus while attending college at Florida State University in Tallahassee. Pepper spray didn’t stop her attacker.  Shayna has graduated, but she continues to advocate for concealed carry on campus.

I think it is great that women can protect themselves, but some people disagree. This rape victim was called “a scapegoat for the gun lobby” as if she deliberately put herself at risk in order to advance the political views of gun manufacturers.  Shayna was told she can’t be a woman and also want to be armed. One commenter said that Shayna and her family should be murdered by a government drone strike.  Despite the media talking points, the left seems remarkably intolerant of empowered women.

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Dana Loesch and her family were threatened a few years ago.  She was targeted after reporting on union violence at a politician’s town hall meeting.  Think about that for a minute. If you want to silence a reporter then the last thing you would do is threaten her children.  Those threats made self-defense a very personal issue. Socialists politicians now call Loesch a “Domestic Terrorist Threat” after she repeatedly revealed the left-wing bias in major news outlets. Socialists only support free speech when the speech supports socialism.

The left hates conservative women and blacks the same way slave owners hated seeing newly freed slaves near their plantations.  Socialists see these free thinking individuals as a dangerous contagion that must be marginalized and eliminated from the public square.  That puts the Socialists in a tough spot. Today there are real alternatives to the liberal mainstream media. These conservatives have a voice and millions of us hear them. That threatens the Socialists.

Suddenly, the socialists can’t bet on a sure thing. They feel their grip loosening on their favorite voting blocks.  It feels like the Democrats are losing a rigged election again.  Worse than that, they are loosing their grip on our culture.

There is a lot at risk for Socialist politicians.  It means a return to hard fought politics where the Democrats have to listen to voters rather than to their special interests. It means that the history of socialists political corruption might draw to a close. More frightening than that, this cultural shift might put some of the more corrupt political players in jail.  That is why the socialists throw so much hate on some vocal conservatives.

Who knew that “love trumps hate” would involve so many threats and so much vitriol.

Rob Morse



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