The Leftocratic Party Stains American Political Life

What is the Left? Where has it come from?  How did it come to be front and center in its quest for non-moral, anti-liberty, transnational governance, and support of unnatural behaviors, easy divorce, easy late-term abortions, gambling, alcohol, and marijuana as a source of tax revenue, and the end of the death penalty for hideous, unspeakably violent crimes and rapes (despite #Metoo)?  This long list just scratches the surface of the left’s failure to be honest, truthful, just, loving, kind, and respectful of our Constitution and Judeo-Christian morality.

America was once a rational, God-fearing country.  In 1921 and 1924, despite the beginnings of the administrative state with its entrenched bureaucracies and the frightening Leviathan of the Federal Reserve System, the country was still sufficiently rational and republican (small “r”) to pass immigration laws that curtailed massive immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe because of fears — legitimate fears — of the entrance of anarchists, and particularly of communists who would violently try to overthrow our government.

Then, through the work of Anthony Gramsci and the Frankfurt School, a different species of Marxists emerged in our culture, the “cultural Marxists.” By the 1960’s with Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and the Black Power movement (as opposed to the wing of civil rights led by M.L. King Jr.) shrieking “power to the people” and “get out of Vietnam,” we saw the rise of the New Left.   The New Left took over college buildings and made life hard for the New Deal liberals who were, at that time, still in the majority in the colleges and universities. Gradually, the New Left became ascendant in our institutions of higher learning.

But, ahhhh, if the story only ended there…… The 1960’s New Left eventually gave way to the New New Left who have gone beyond what even Gramsci and the Frankfurt School ever hoped or dreamed of. We have evolved to a point of intellectual failure and moral failure, beyond “secular humanism” to a neo-neo-Marxist/Maoist dogma – yes, dogma — that presents a clear and present danger to every independent thinking, creative, moral, and decent individual living in our society.  It’s Marxism with add-ins including the sexual revolution, everyday life directed by a technological elite (computerized guidance systems for all areas of life, not unlike the WAZE driving system writ large), a world government, no work/all “creativity” and freebies, subservience to the homosexual elite (hetero-sexuality to be passé), pedophilia as a creative alternative to ageism, and crime without punishment as the new “toleration.”  Of course this vision can only lead to anarchy and unprecedented violence if implemented, but this perversity is nevertheless on the table.

Today’s left, unlike the New Deal’s left or the sixties counter-culture left, does not want our constitutional system. The left does not want federalism. It does not want three branches of government. It does not want checks and balances. The left does not want private enterprise. It wants a one world government based on neo-neo-Marxist principles. Such a government (you or I might call it a dystopia) is, for them, not fettered with all the “bourgeois values.”  The critics, from The Squad to the Socialist Party to barking Bernie to that Native American sweetheart Elizabeth Warren to Antifa (masking their faces but not their intentions), we are all reactionaries who are standing in the way of real progress. “Sleepy Joe” has opted out of the controversy wanting only to stare blankly with a wan smile at a camera or to touch little girls and women under the defense that his doing so is merely a misunderstanding of the changing norms of ‘personal space’.”

How did we get to this point where the hissing vipers have come out from under their rocks to poison the body politic? While we could go back to Eugene V. Debs, the socialist candidate for President at the beginning of the 20th century, or even before him to “Big Bill” Haywood and the International Workers of the World (IWW), the modern threat began to reveal itself in the 1960’s.  David Horowitz in his interesting collection of articles in his Black Book sees a direct line whereby the extreme left of the Leftocratic Party has moved from being rejected in 1948 when the leftist Henry Wallace was forced to run for President as the candidate of the far left Progressive Party to, in our time, becoming the center of the Leftocratic Party.  This understanding was beginning to emerge in the 1980’s when the blue collar voters came out to support Ronald Reagan.  They began to understand then that the internationalist communist class-based vision ran directly counter to their love of country.  Not only were American workers facing diminished employment opportunities, but they saw a consensus of contempt for American mores emerging in the Leftocratic Party.  They understood that love of country is not inconsequential or mere “icing on the cake” of everyday life.  Then, for various reasons, they drifted back into the arms of the Democrats in the 1990’s mostly because of the clever “triangulations” (manipulations) of Pres. Bill Clinton.

Remembrance of the communist USSR is now in the distant past. The syndicalism of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy – both part of the intensely statist leftist juggernaut — are barely taught in schools and most people would not be able to say one thing about them, even people who are not leftists.  Communist China is now a place where all our clothes, toys, watches, tools, drugs, computers, and luggage are made. Our government, led by the Left, no longer believes first and foremost that China is a vicious dictatorship that tells people how many children to have or has a government where bribery and Communist Party affiliation determine promotions, placement in schools, and opportunities to start businesses in empowerment zones. Religion is not free, but is oppressed and suppressed. The U.S. is so in debt to the Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC) that the interest on our debt supports the ongoing modernization of the Chinese military.  Suddenly, with corona, we are talking about our pharmaceutical dependence on a supply chain that runs through the PRC.  But our dependence is a magnitude of several powers beyond that.  The danger to liberty grows with every passing day, and to the extent that the USA has the most liberty, the danger is great indeed.  

The Leftocratic Party, one of two great parties of the USA, has been co-opted by the communist ideologues, the power mad neo-Marxists, in our political establishment. This is a cultural tragedy.  They can call it liberalism or social justice or togetherness, but it is my considered judgment that, without exaggeration, we are facing an intent to subvert the electoral will of the American people.  Yet, to come up with a stimulus package in the midst of our public health crisis, the two parties had to work together.  In light of the historical reality about what and who the Leftocrats are today, can any good really come out of compromise and collegiality with a bunch of anti-American deadheads such as we now find leading the Leftocrats?

Jack Wisdom

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