Election 2020 – Does America Win or Lose

We’ve heard Speaker of the House Pelosi call Republicans the enemy of the state, and Biden accusing President Trump of wanting more violence. While Biden cowers behind closed doors he is told by Pelosi not to debate Trump, “It will only legitimize Trump as President and give Trump an opportunity to make you look bad”. Then we have Hillary telling Biden not to concede the election under any circumstances.

So what’s their game plan?

Rumors are now being reported that the Democrats are going to cheat in Trump’s favor so as to report that Trump is conducting a fraudulent election. If this happens, it can be proven, because they, the Democrats, did it.

Following in the footsteps of the Usurper in Chief Obama, the Democrats have continued their race war. Regardless what is said or done, everyone is a racist who doesn’t agree with their agenda.

They have used a flu virus to close businesses in order to destroy the middle class which is the backbone of our economy.

If the Democrats cared for our country and the American people would they sit back and watch businesses being burned to the ground, stores looted, our livelihoods destroyed and innocent men, women and children being beaten up and murdered?

The American citizens are being used under the Obamacare scenario: You have to elect the Democrats if you want the rioting terrorism to stop. Not much of a choice being damned if you do, becoming a Socialist country, and damned if you don’t; rioting and lootings continue.

We are in a battle of good versus evil, freedom versus the slavery of Socialism.

Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear know the Democrat Party is in bed with the Son of Perdition; Satan himself.

To partly paraphrase Victor Davis Hansen: The Democrats have made a Devil’s bargain. Marxists under Sanders provide the anarchy and chaos while Democrats watch their cities burn, having agreed to do almost nothing. They will keep COVID-19 alive as long as possible to keep the economy down. Never mind the human toll. When Democrats win, and at the time they were convinced they would win, Sanders will halt the rioting, having delivered a destroyed middle class, a badly wounded America. The Democrats will take the credit, looking like peacemakers. Sanders will then demand payment, a socialist America ready to be delivered to the globalists. And he will get it.

I’m not saying it will be easy or without conflict, but we must fight for our country; our Freedoms; for evil will always back off when confronted with equal or greater force.

The choice is now in your hands. How you vote will determine the outcome of America.

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