The Deception of Revolutions

Radical Democrats are realizing, too late, that the beast they nurtured and then unleashed upon America is now probably beyond their control. The unrest and violence in cities across the country ceased to be about the death of blacks killed by police, about 48 hours after it first began.

It was really about revolution: the overthrow of the American constitutional republic and its replacement by an extremist, left-wing authoritarianism that would allow no dissent and no individual liberty. Rather than returning them to power, though – as they had hoped – the beast is on the verge of devouring the Democratic Party, and they are worried.

You might say that the left has been hoisted by its own petard.   When one crazed gunman walks into a school or a church or a shopping mall and takes multiple lives, leftists demand an end to gun ownership. They have no interest in conceding that the overwhelming majority of legal gun owners are responsible and law-abiding citizens; the few acts of violence cancel out this truth. They imply that every citizen who owns a gun is a potential danger to everyone else and must be disarmed.

So it is with the riots. The fact that many of the recent protests have been peaceful is no longer relevant. The destruction, the murders, the violent attacks on both police officers and members of the public have rendered the term “peaceful protest” meaningless.

In reality, the organized unrest that has spread across Democrat-run cities was never about advancing the cause of racial justice. Racial tension is far too valuable as a political weapon for anyone on the left to want to see it dissipate. The problem now, though, is that it has all gone too far. Democrat politicians thought they could use it to their advantage, but, obviously, they have lost control, and the rest of America, tired of the chaos, is turning away from them.

Revolutions are risky endeavors that invariably fail to deliver the idealistic transformations they promise. The Chinese, the Russians, the Cubans – among many others – found this out the hard way. Even the populist French Revolution of 1789 led to years of slaughter, chaos, and terror. Eventually, Napoleon Bonaparte restored order but also restored monarchical authoritarianism – the very system from which the revolutionaries had sought to free themselves.  

The Chinese Cultural Revolution resulted in some 1.5 million deaths.  The Russian Revolution is estimated to be a minimum of 10 million lives.  The Spanish revolution resulted in the deaths of 1 million people.  How many Americans have to die before the Democrats call off their dogs?

In modern history, at least, only the American Revolution gave the people more freedom, rather than less. In the eyes of radical leftists, of course, that was the problem. Leftist revolutions, after all, are never about freeing people from oppression, as their architects claim; quite the opposite, in fact.

Source:  American Riots: Democrats Too Late To Tame The Beast by Graham J Noble, Liberty Nation

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