If You Cannot See That the Democrats are Destroying America – You Need New Glasses

You have to ask yourself a simple question: What good has the Democratic Party accomplished in the past say 20 years? In this writer’s opinion, pretty much zero. Just to be fair, there are many Republicans helping the Demoncrats, we call them RINOs. These two groups are stuck on stupid, attempting to destroy YOUR America! When will you decide you have had enough America?

Each Democrat in office has helped pave the way for each successive Democrat to push the boundaries ever further. Bill Clinton and the sex scandals for example, by the time Obama took office, no one batted an eye at most of what he did – or so the media would have you believe. The Leftist controlled media is a huge part of the problem!

President Obama toured the world apologizing for America as if we were the cause of the world’s many ills. It was also Obama who rescinded support for marriage as being between one man and one woman. Which in turn emboldened the LGBT and today we have Christian business owners being sued and losing their businesses for refusing to make a cake for a gay wedding, among other things. Obama also approved of Transgenders in the military, a mistake in this writers mind. Then under Obama’s watch, same-sex marriage became legal.

Obama encouraged open borders and turned a blind eye to illegal borer crossings. According to an article in The New York Times:

About one in five inmates in federal prison are foreign-born, and more than 90 percent of those are in the United States illegally

Another report often quoted makes much of the fact that native-born U.S. citizens commit more crime than immigrants do. This misses the point that Illegals and the atrocities they commit are what is being examined, not native born and legal immigrants. This is but another dangerous deflection by the Democrats from the real problems at hand.

If you are a Christian and/or a Conservative, you own a business; you decide not to participate in something as it is against your beliefs – you don’t have a leg to stand on. It used to be a business owner could refuse to serve anyone, not any longer. These people will be sued, fined, harassed, receive death threats, lose their businesses, and maybe even have to move. Thank your Democratic party and the lamestream media for this.

Everywhere you go today you hear of racism, this never used to be such a big deal – why is it now? Some will say because racism has become worse, well that is not the case, not the way you may think it is anyway. What really happened? The Democrats and the media play the race card at every opportunity, if there is not a race problem, after the Dems and the media are through with it, there will be. Now – the real race problem has become if your skin color is white, not black. Schools are telling students that they are inherently bad because why? – yup, you guessed it, they are white! Just do a Google search on “being white is racist.” That search will return 94 million results. 94 MILLION!

I’m not here saying there is no racism against black people and others, because there is and this should in no way be tolerated. However, that being said, telling the truth is not racism. Example: are you aware that the highest percentage of violence of all kinds in the U.S. is black on black, not white on black or black on white? If one dares to say that however, they are racist! No they and I are telling the truth.

Here is another example of Democratic stupidity: sanctuary cities and the illogical support for illegal immigrants. In the first place, sanctuary cities violate federal law. Second, how many times have we been treated to stories of illegal immigrants in the U.S. that have committed murder, thefts, are involved in gangs, drugs and human trafficking, are living on public welfare, and even have the temerity to demand their rights? If you came here illegally – you don’t HAVE any rights! This writer is here to tell you – these actions and this kind of thinking would never be tolerated in other countries, even those that condemn the U.S. for even thinking of cleaning up this mess.

The states and counties and cities in the U.S. that are failing – by that I mean financial problems, crime etc., are by far run by Democrats. California and Cook County Illinois are great examples of this. You can see a map of sanctuary states, counties and cities here. Many of the worst cities in the U.S. are run by Democrats, fact not opinion.

Fast forward to today – Democrats did everything possible to impede Trump’s tax reform, saying it would fail, it would never accomplish anything good, it would never accomplish the things the Republicans claimed it would etc. Well folks the Democrats did what they do best, they liedApple announced a 350 BILLION investment in the U.S. as well as creating 20,000 new jobs. AT&T, Boeing, Wal-Mart, Comcast, Fifth Third Bancorp, JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo – ALL giving employees bonuses and/or wage hikes – while citing the new tax reform as the reason why.

Rush Limbaugh:

And yet every one of these companies is making it clear that the money that they are using to extend these bonuses, which are significant, thousand dollars, $1,500, in some cases $2,000, to 100,000 workers? And expanding benefits and so forth, they’re saying the money is coming from their tax cut from money that would otherwise be sent to Washington, that it’s not coming from the profit line. They’re all making the case.

You couldn’t have people be more wrong, more brazenly, more openly, more proudly wrong than these experts. And before we even got to this point, these same people and all the others in the Drive-By Media were trying to kill the tax cut from passing by telling people that it was not gonna benefit them, that they were gonna pay more, that it was a trick, it was a corporate tax rate but you’re gonna pay through the nose. And the Drive-Bys dutifully reported that. (source)

The Drive-by media as Rush calls them is a huge part of what is wrong with America. There is no longer any fact-based journalism in the mainstream media, today’s so-called journalism is more truly opinion journalism. Writers write what and how the editor tells them to. It’s no longer about getting to the bottom line, digging up the facts; it’s about spinning the “news” however the editor wants it spun. Lets face it; today’s news is all about supporting the position and opinions of the Elite Left-Wing Democrats.

The Liberal media is all about supporting the Democrats and even covering up illegal activity like Hillary did with stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders. The media Colluded with Hillary and aided in the crooked efforts of the FBI to undermine Trump’s campaign and then Trump’s Presidency.

Social Media also backs the Liberals – Twitter shadow banns Conservatives, Facebook blocks and shuts down Conservative pages and causes them to load slower, Google favors Liberals in search results, YouTube shuts down Conservative channels.

After the release of Michael Wolff’s fairy tale “Fire and Fury”, the mainstream media fell all over itself saying President Trump is unfit for office. Many psychiatrists diagnosed Trump as mentally unstable with no exam, a rather serious offense. Trump actually requested a mental health exam – and passed with flying colors.

The bottom line is the Liberal Left and the mainstream media that supports them along with the Deep State are out to take down President Donald Trump and all Conservatives by any means necessary – Trumpaphobia reigns supreme. The Democrats do not want Trump to succeed as that would reflect rather badly on their plans to implement a socialist type government that will eventually bring the U.S. into line with a New World Order and a One World government.

If every-day America stops drinking the Liberal Kool-Aid served up by fake news CNN, CNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, The New York Times, Salon, and so many others – America will realize what the Democrats are really up to – and they will lose their support.

Wake up and speak up America!

Greg Holt

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