To Track and Trace

You might be surprised to learn that it’s not just American governors and mayors who have overstepped their authority during this so-called COVID epidemic.  The whole world has gone bat ass crazy.

The Danish government recently proposed the Epidemic Law which would make permanent an emergency law passed earlier this year and expand those powers to include the right to “force” people exposed to “dangerous diseases to be vaccinated, hospitalized or isolated. In addition, the new law gives the Health Ministry the right to decide what is and is not a dangerous disease. After 9 days of intense protest, the government backed down – at least for now, or at least they said they would. Ever known a want-a-be tyrant to give up that easily?

Certainly that would never happen here – right?  If you think it can’t, you are being naïve. It is already happening and if there were to be a Biden Administration, the tyranny will escalate. In other words, bend over and kiss your arse good-bye. 

Ticketmaster, which controls music and drama seating in the U.S, is already facing a lawsuit over its near monopoly status. But that certainly didn’t stop them from announcing plans to bar entry to venues for those who refuse to be forcibly vaccinated. The airlines are planning to install a digital certification of vaccination (health pass) whereby they can ban people who have refused the needle.  Uber and other ride-share companies are also starting to refuse service to those who will not accept their new safety protocols which already require masks. But these may be mild in comparison to what the world’s elite have in store for us.

The Commons Project believes that “Communities are stronger when data is open and shared for the benefit of all.” If that doesn’t scare you, maybe this will.  One of their little “projects,”  COVIDcheck,  was developed in collaboration with the CDC, the World Medical Association, the Clinton Health Access Initiative, and the Pfizer Foundation, etc. to support public health agencies, among others, in an effort to “overcome”  the pandemic and return to a “new normal.”

In association with the World Economic Forum (The Great Reset) and the Rockefeller Foundation, the Commons Project convened a meeting this summer with 350 political and business leaders from 52 nations to discuss implementation of CommonPass.  If you think nothing good could come from that, you’d be right. 

That the Rockefeller Foundation is one of the three founders of CommonPass should surprise no one, considering they basically laid the groundwork for it in their  paper dated April 21, 2020, “National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan — Strategic Steps to Reopen Our Workplaces and Our Communities.”   In the paper they laid out a framework for a permanent surveillance and social control structure, even warning that the elimination of privacy would be required.  The are also demanding access to other medical data which is a warning that the system will have any number of other uses besides tracking Covid-19.

CommonPass is designed to create an international standard for passengers to carry their Covid-19 test results with them. Travelers would take a Covid-19 test at a certified lab, upload the results to their phone, answer any other health related questions necessary and then generate a QR code that would be scanned by airline staff, border agents, hotels, etc.  This system is already in use by Cathay Pacific Airways and United Airlines on certain flights between London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore.  Australia is one of the next anticipated locations which is no surprise considering their totalitarian reaction to the virus.

Eventually, the Common Pass framework will be integrated with already existing personal health apps such as Apple Health and CommonHealth.  Is it farfetched to believe that your personal health record will be evaluated and compared to a country’s entry requirements, and if you don’t meet them, you’ll be directed to an approved testing and vaccination location?  

How long before this will be required to travel between states? 

CommonPass is a cog in the Great Reset plan. It’s the beginning stage of mass tracking and tracing, under the guise of keeping everyone safe from infectious disease. That has always been the agenda of the Covid crisis – track and trace; identify the undesirables through deception.

Globalists are always looking for ways to tell other people what to do, centralize power and frankly, erode American independence…The likelihood that COVID would be used as an excuse to implement and fast track new technologies that would get a better handle on Americans and our mobility was clear from the start.”  Molly McCann, Esquire, of Sidney Powell, P.C.

Source: Common Pass May Open Door to Loss of Freedom, by Molly McCann, The Thinking Conservative; Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel by Joseph Mercola

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