Monsters Among Us – Serial Killers

Ted Bundy

What defines a serial killer? By man’s definition it is one who murders three or more people in two or more separate events, and is described as having psychological problems.

Most everyone has heard of Gary Ridgway, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and Jeffery Dahmer credited from 16 to 50 victims each. Though some of these individuals mentioned have confessed to the killing of 60 to 100.

We mustn’t forget serial groups and couples such as the “Beasts of Satan”, “Lonely Hearts”, “The Skin Hunters”, The Manson Family” The Ripper Crew” and “Murder Incorporate” just to name a few, credited with anywhere from four to over 400.

There are serial Killers in all walks of life including the medical field. These hospital professionals are credited with taking the lives of newborns and the elderly, credited with some as many as 200 plus.

In the United States alone there have been more than 400 know serial killers arrested, and numerous unknowns still at large.

Why on God’s green earth do we refer to them as killers when they are murderers? Their crimes were premeditated, planned in advance of the event of their actions. Please remember the phrase planned in advance.

Again I ask, this time calling it like it is. What constitutes a serial murderer? We know they have psychological problems that include psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissism, and worse of all the God Complex which is a combination of all mentioned.

These people have an unshakable belief of their personal ability, self-importance, and privilege; have a need for admiration and the lack of empathy for others. They are manipulative, cunning, well accomplished liars with the ability to spew lie upon layers of lies while seeming completely believable. They possess a delusional belief they are more intelligent and are superior to anyone, including God, our Creator.

Now, if you will, think about our so called political leaders and who they have aligned themselves with. Read Agenda 21, The Green New Deal and the Great Reset. Read what the United Nations, the One World Government and Bill Gates have planned for the world’s population. There are approximately 7 billion human beings living on this planet, yet Bill Gates and the world leaders believe there are too many so their plan is to exterminate about 93% of us. According to these God Complex elites the earth cannot sustain more than 500 million people.

These God Complex elites are all in agreement with one another; yet they want to vaccinate the entire world to keep us all safe from dying of the flu, better known as Covid-19. Does that make sense to anyone? Is anyone paying attention?

They are telling us what they have planned to do to the world population. Would I participate in taking a vaccine under the premise of saving my life from those who have said I need to die? I need to be exterminated so the select few can live?

All serial murderers intentions are planned in advance. Now you decide. How do we label Bill Gates, our political and world leaders?

These people are opportunist and void of any value or morals. Life, your life, is only a game to them……….and they are planning and playing to win.

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