Dying The World Red

Salih Hudayar, a Uyghur American politician known for advocating for the independence of East Turkestan, fled to the U.S. in 2000 with his family as a political refugee.  In my country, Hudayar explained in a December interview with the Trumpet, “It’s illegal to even have a knife. Every family household has one knife, and that knife is chained to the wall of their kitchen and etched with a barcode that has their entire family’s information on it.”

East Turkestan where Hudayar was born is known today as Xinjiang, a Mandarin name meaning New Territory, after the Qing Dynasty invaded the region in the 1880s. The people of East Turkestan have made several attempts to gain their independence from China – in 1933 and 1944, and,   on both occasions, the Chinese government aided by the Soviet Union, invaded and destroyed what they considered a rebellion.

Even though the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) still controls the region it has remained a flash point between the Uyghurs who are mainly Muslim, and the Han Chinese people who comprise 90% of China’s total population.  Beginning in 2008 the CCP claimed that Uyghur terrorists committed a series of attacks that killed hundreds of Han people – the Uyghurs accused the CCP of carrying out false flag operations.

Regardless of who committed the atrocities, or whether they happened at all, China used the accusations to justify deploying hundreds of thousands of troops and security agents to Xinjiang, turning the region into something utterly terrifying.  By 2016, the CCP had transformed Xinjiang into one of the most strictly controlled surveillance states in the world.

Today Uyghurs are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of security checkpoints and cameras that monitor their daily activities.  According to the South China Morning Post, just in the city of Urumqi there are 360,000 known cameras – 12 per 1,000 people, with plans to increase that number to one camera for every two people.

The Uyghurs are forced to submit to fingerprinting, facial photography, voice recording, iris scans and blood sampling.  Even more terrifying than the totalitarian security apparatus are the hundreds of euphemistically named “vocational training facilities” and “reeducation centers,” at least one of which has been built in every district of Xinjiang.  

In reality, they are concentration camps where detainees are “forcibly medicated, starved, and indoctrinated” to denounce their ethnic and religious identity and women are raped at will.   Resistance is usually met with death.  First they kill you and then they harvest and sell your organs to wealthy Muslims for transplant. 

China’s behavior around the world shows that the Communist Party’s ambitions have no bounds. China is setting up many colonies in Central Asia, even parts of Africa, teaching the local population Chinese and buying off their political elites. Controlling a huge and growing economy, Chinese leaders use loans to these nations to entrap them into eliminating their sovereignty piece by piece. 

It also didn’t take long for China to discover that it could get its propaganda delivered by using money to coerce Western companies to do its bidding.  We saw Marriott fire an hourly employee in Omaha, Nebraska, for liking a tweet a Tibetan group posted. The three biggest U.S. airlines, American Airlines, United, and Delta, bowed to China’s demand and changed their websites to list Taiwan as part of China despite the fact that Taiwan has been self-ruling since 1940.

Apple pulled a popular app, HKmap.live, because Hong Kong protesters have been relying on it to track police activity but revised its decision after a widespread outcry; however, they did removed the Taiwanese flag from their emoji keyboard.   We also saw the NBA issue an apology for one simple tweet showing support for Hong Kong protesters by Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey. And Hollywood, well they’ve been groveling to the CCP for decades.

The Chinese Communist regime’s ultimate goal is global domination – they want to dye the planet red – and the Xinjiang concentration camps show what they will do once they get control.  Their evil shows no bounds.

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