What Do You Call An Apologist For Hamas?

What Do you call an apologist for terrorist organizations and castigators of Israel?

Dear Human Rights Activist, Leftist Liberal, Crying-for-the-poor-children, Israel-hating, Hamas-forgiving, marcher, celebrity, news anchor, journalist, writer, media star, politician, or head of state.  We have seen you marching along the streets of Europe, America, and the Middle East with your signs and Kafais and Palestinian flags.

We have heard you screaming to whoever will listen that Jews and Israelis are murderers, war criminals, and baby killers.  You may think you are telling us who they are when in fact, you are letting us know exactly who and what you are.

You are telling us you don’t really care about Palestinian Arabs or their children. By supporting Hamas, you are supporting the use of Palestinians as human shields, the use of Palestinian children to dig terror tunnels in which many have died, and the summary execution of Palestinians by Hamas thugs whenever they open their mouths to protest the use of their homes, school, mosques, or hospitals as weapons caches and missile launching sites.

You are telling us that you are in favor of genocide.  Anyone who does not support Israel’s right to defend themselves from a terrorist organization whose charter clearly says they want to destroy all Jews is, in fact, in favor of genocide. You are telling us that you not only agree with the idea, but the practice of  bombing, mass murder and kidnappings. 

You are telling us you don’t think Israelis have a right to live and defend their children by fighting back.  You are telling us that you hate Jews, Otherwise, why would you march for, support, and agree with people who beat up Jews, shoot Jewish children, destroy synagogues, and smash Jewish businesses all over the world, just like the Nazis?

You are telling us that you are a racist and a hater.  Just one more of those evil, ignorant, bigoted, small-minded people who hate people based on their race and/or religion. 

You are telling us you are ill-informed, uneducated and/or too stupid or too lazy to actually look for the truth. By taking up the stance of the Nazis without even understanding in whose footsteps you are following, you are revealing you don’t know where those footsteps led, and the millions and millions of people who died because of it.

But most of all, you are showing God who you are and the evil that is in your heart. 

You are not the first ignorant, bigoted, racist, hateful people to stand against the Jews. But you just might be the last. By joining your voice and your body with those who hate justice, who love violence, and who follow in the footsteps of the Jew-haters throughout history, you are singling yourself out for punishment that befalls all such people in history sooner or later. Check your history books on that one. 

Source: This is What Hamas Supporters/Jew-Israel Haters Are Telling Us by Naomi Ragen, Before Its News 

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