How Politicians Taught Us to Fear Each Other

It is hard to believe, but we have not changed. Human nature remains the same, and the people we read about in the history books are us. For all of history, politicians pursued their own ends and told us it was for our benefit. That remains true today, though the invention of writing let us record the events more accurately. We have only to look at the news to see history repeat itself. The antidote for a lying politician is knowing the truth and speaking the truth.

Covid- Politicians and high level bureaucrats told us to wear a mask to flatten the curve. That was thirty four weeks ago, and some blue state governors say they will not release their restrictions until covid-19 is eradicated. The lust for power is timeless, and the nightly news simply provides the latest excuse for an ageless impulse. Did you recognize tyranny when it was presented as public safety?

Freedom of assembly- You can amass by the thousands for the nightly “spontaneous and mostly peaceful” protest (read riot). Meanwhile, blue city mayors said that no more than seven people can go to a church at one time. We gave away the right of freedom of assembly while the politicians said it was for our own good.

Taxing the poor- We’re told that Trump’s economy hurts the poor, while blue state legislators raise taxes on gasoline. You were told that the freedom to travel is “selfish”, and many of us believed it.. for a while.

Political privilege- We were told that drag-queen-story-hour, no matter how risque, is protected by our freedom of expression. But you recording a registered offender twerking in front of children in your public library is an infringement on human rights. Political correctness means some people are more equal than others.. and you are not the favored class.

Disarming ordinary citizens- We’re told that you and I shouldn’t own “weapons of war”. The exception is when those tools are used to guard politicians or their children. So much for equality. Clearly, some of our lives are more important than others.

Representative democracy- We’re told that every vote should count, unless we want to look closely at the people counting the votes. We are also told that we should throw open the borders so that illegal immigrants can enter the country and vote. That nullifies my vote, so clearly some votes are more important than others.

The cost of “free” services- We’re told that we must provide “free healthcare”, except that “free” stuff is really expensive. I can’t afford “free healthcare” and “free education” when the increased taxes force my job overseas. After they destroy job after job, politicians blame “capitalism”. I blame them.

The truth of “Social justice” is that it rewards politically favored groups. Those in power are above the law, while you and I are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. With our overly complex legal system, the prosecution is the punishment even if you are, and always were, innocent of the crime.

Politicians won’t say it outloud. They won’t admit it before the camera, but the more that politicians reward their followers, the more we citizens resent each other and fear each other. That is a timeless truth.

If you love your neighbor, then leave him alone.

Rob Morse

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