Congress Intends To Fix Nothing!

whatHave you ever noticed that no matter what the politicians in D.C. claim, nothing ever seems to get better?

Do you really believe that all politicians and people in power are incompetent? I mean, come on, these people are in their seats of power for a reason and they definitely are not stupid by any means.

You see, it’s simple–if Washington wanted to fix things, they would. But, the actual overarching issue is that they simply don’t want to. They intend to fix nothing. In fact, 99% of all politicians are spineless lackeys who answer directly to higher-ups who operated from behind the curtain.

A rational way to look at what I am pointing out, is to understand that corporations are set up to make money. They are all in the business to make money – no corporation wants to lose money.  But more importantly, no corporation would rightfully keep their doors open if they consecutively went into the red, year after year.  In fact, it would be in the corporations best interest to close their doors as quick as possible after a certain amount of sustained loss. 

But for some reason, the corporation of the United States continually operates in the red spawned from national debt that has spiraled out of control, aka  overspending.  There is simply no other way to describe it. The U.S. is overspent and has been for decades. We are a broke, bankrupt nation that continues to operate off of borrowed fiat currency that is on the brink of catastrophe–but no one cares.  At least no one in D.C.

Unfortunately, all of this was done by design. The powers-that-be salted their way into key positions of the U.S. power structure and banking systems, giving the true puppet masters behind the curtain full reign to rule the populace.

So in a nutshell–expect things to worsen. Expect nothing to change. Expect nothing to get better. 

“Capital sees politicians as a means to their ends, just another employee, or a potential bankable asset. And politicians, whoring themselves to the highest bidder, write their laws for a seat at the table. Some politicians aren’t directly on the take but, it’s hard to imagine, that, while on the public’s dime, they’re at least not on a job interview. Capital rewards their loyal underlings with no-show jobs for their idiot relations.” Gary J. Floyd, Liberté: The Days of Rage 1990-2020


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