Government Has the ‘Right’ to Know if You Are Vaccinated?

HHS wants to know

What if your personal health decisions were no longer personal?  What if as far as the COVID vaccines go you did not have a choice on whether or not to get vaccinated? What if you lived in the country where this was happening or about to happen? 

I have news for you – if Biden has his way, you will be living in that country.

Faced with a steep decline in vaccination ratesPresident Biden said that his administration would send people door to door, set up clinics at workplaces, and urge employers to offer paid time off as part of a renewed push to reach tens of millions of unvaccinated Americans. But health experts claim that this is not enough. Biden needs to take it further by “encouraging states, employers, colleges and universities to require vaccinations to slow the spread of the virus.”  (Source)

Biden actually wants to send people door-to-door to harang us about the vaccines.  This strikes me as a way too invasive, and brings on thoughts of Big Brother does it not?  “Requiring” vaccines?  That sounds like a communist police state, exactly what the Democrats are aiming for. 

What business is it of the government’s if I am vaccinated or not? According to Health and Human Service Secretary Xavier Becerra, it is “absolutely” the government’s business. “The president has demonstrated that he is open to moving in any direction we can to help Americans get safe, be safe, feel safe.”

OK, well how about the fact that many do not “feel” safe taking these vaccines?  What about the fact that the supposedly “safe” vaccines are really not safe, autism, heart problems, unhealthy “ingredients” etc. – as well as killing people?

What about the fact that the vaccines are not exactly vaccines?  Ever hear of genetic modification?  How about experimental gene therapy?  These are what the “vaccines” really are.  The media however is going to (and is) lie to you saying these vaccines are perfectly safe or close to it, they are not.

Moderna, one of the original “vaccine” makers was founded on human genetic modification.  Moderna managed to use RNA to “reprogram” a human stem cell.  Sound scary?  Well, it does to me, this science is no joke.

Think of it this way, these companies want to inject into your bodies a formula that will basically re-engineer your cells.  Instead of your body’s cells functioning the way God designed them to, after injection your cells (some of them anyway) will function how Moderna and Pfizer’s creation tells them to function.

“Pfizer, a 171-year-old Fortune 500 powerhouse, has made a billion-dollar bet on that dream. So has a brash, young rival just 23 miles away in Cambridge, Mass. Moderna, a 10-year-old biotech company with billions in market valuation but no approved products, is racing forward with a vaccine of its own. Its new sprawling drug-making facility nearby is hiring workers at a fast clip in the hopes of making history — and a lot of money.

The concept: By making precise tweaks to synthetic mRNA and injecting people with it, any cell in the body could be transformed into an on-demand drug factory.”  (Source)

So of course this all boils down to one thing, money – and lots of it.  And all at our expense.

By the way – are you aware that these vaccine makers have 100% indemnification?  Even if someone dies from one of the vaccines, and that death can be 100% proven to have been caused by the vaccine, the companies that make the vaccines are untouchable.  No one talks about that now do they?

If these vaccines are so safe and effective, then why I ask is there such a tremendous push, not to mention bribery to get people to take them?  Lately, the radio ads, billboards, Internet ads, etc. have really ramped up.  People are catching on and do not want to take the vaccines.

There is also the fact that people don’t like all the talk about being forced to take the vaccines – yet another way to curtail our God-given freedoms in order to force compliance.

According to Red State, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra stated that we as Americans have a choice, but essentially, we had best make the “right” choice.  Doesn’t sound like much of a choice to me.

“We want to give people the sense that they have the freedom to choose,” Becerra said. “We hope people make the right choices. We want them to have the right information, but we are America. We try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible, but clearly, when over 600,000 Americans have died, the best choice is to get vaccinated.”

It was also postulated that as the government spends billions of dollars to keep us healthy safe etc., that the government basically has the right to call the shots, no pun intended.

Our rights do not come from the government; our rights come from God.  We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights for a reason – one of those reasons is to protect us from government overreach such as this.

Years ago the saying, “my body my choice” was used as a way for women to justify abortions.  Now things are headed in the exact opposite direction and it’s more like, “my body but the government’s choice.”

source: HHS Secretary: Government Has the ‘Right’ to Know if You Are Vaccinated – Implies Possibly Forcing Vaccinations by Greg Holt

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