The Only Thing Biden Has to Offer is Fear

Early in November, an NBC poll showed that 71% of Americans believe the country is on the “wrong track” and only 22% believe it is moving in the right direction.

These are not only horrible numbers for the Biden administration but very embarrassing to know that Republicans are trusted over Democrats by more than double digit margins in areas like the economy, inflation, crime, national security, border security, etc. But it is easy to understand.

The disastrous left-wing agenda is destroying the county. Biden has turned our southern border into a nightmare as millions have poured into the country, the majority of which have been shipped all over the US in the middle of the night without being checked for COVID or being required to be vaccinated.

The previously strong economy is cratering with raging inflation, empty store shelves, skyrocketing gasoline prices, and a surging labor shortage for small businesses. Crime is escalating in major urban areas that are facing a shortage of law enforcement.

In the arena of national security, Americans will not soon forget the debacle in Afghanistan that cost the lives of thirteen military service members, and left an unknown number of American citizens, legal permanent residents, and Afghan Special Immigration Visa applicants behind. The DOD reported in late October that over 400 Americans remained and this was after the successful evacuated of stranded Americans by private citizens and Special Op veterans.

While inflation, rising gas prices and shortages of products plague Americans, Biden has nothing to offer except platitudes and fear of a never ending “pandemic” which he blames on anyone who has refused to take the jab. He continues to push vaccine mandates on private businesses, government workers and the healthcare industry.

Biden is pushing fear of climate change as a rational for his destruction of the oil and gas industry in this country. His decision to shut down the Keystone pipeline and place a moratorium on new federal drilling leases has contributed to soaring gasoline prices that threaten an already weakened economy, but our national security as well.

The President also offers fear of climate change as his rationale for trying to destroy the oil and gas industry. His decisions to shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and place a moratorium on new federal drilling leases contributed to the soaring gasoline prices now threatening the economic well-being of millions of Americans.

Despite the fear-mongering from Democrats, Americans do not view climate change as the greatest problem facing the country. A recent poll shows that only Democrats considered it a “major threat.”

Sadly, this inept administration is uninterested in what Americans want or need. Climate change and vaccine mandates remain the top priorities, regardless of the polls.

Currently, congressional Democrats are debating bills that relate to climate change. Both the infrastructure bill and the “Build Back Better” bill are rife with expensive climate change initiatives that do little but line the pockets of people like Bill Gates, Big Al Gore and John Kerry.

For example, one provision will hire an additional 86,000 IRS agents to spy on our banking accounts with the “intent” of collecting taxes on money that is unreported to the IRS.

The surveillance state was a hallmark of the East German communists who encouraged their citizens to spy on one another. Fear was the tactic used effectively to keep the citizenry in line with the disastrous policies that did not work at anything but increase the power and scope of the government.

Similarly, in our country, Biden is offering fear and more surveillance to keep our citizens in line. In response, Americans are becoming disgusted with an administration that ignores real needs while pushing a left-wing agenda that will accomplish nothing more than increasing government power at the expense of liberty.

Americans must continue to exercise their free speech rights to oppose this agenda of fear.

“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins.” Benjamin Franklin

source: The Only Thing Democrats Have to Fear is Fear Itself by Jeff Crouere, Townhall; How Private Citizens Stepped Up To Get Americans Out Of Kabul When The US Government Failed by Varun Hukeri, Daily Caller; It Isn’t About Taxes, Franklin County Patriots

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