The Deadly “Great Reset”

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“The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future” — Klaus Schwab, WEF

World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab, began selling his vision of a global Utopia in, the Great Reset of the World Order in three simple steps in 2014:

  1. Announce your intention to revamp every aspect of society with global governance, and keep repeating that message
  2. When your message isn’t getting through, simulate fake pandemic scenarios that show why the world needs a great reset
  3. If the fake pandemic scenarios aren’t persuasive enough, wait a couple months for a real global crisis to occur, and repeat step one

The “Great Reset” promises a more secure, equal, and stable world, but it is a lie. The Great Reset is actually Communism and depopulation. But, before this could be achieved, a global crisis of enormous magnitude would be needed. A crisis to instill fear of dying among the peoples of the world.

In Washington D.C., 2018, the WEF partnered with Johns Hopkins to simulate a fictitious pandemic — dubbed Clade X .

The following year, in October, the WEF teamed-up with Johns Hopkins, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to stage another pandemic exercise called Event 201 in NY.

Two fake pandemics were simulated in the two years leading up to this real coronavirus bioweapon crisis.  Yes, you read that correctly. It’s not the China virus, it’s not coronavirus. There is no virus. This is a weapon used to take out humanity, and it was not released by accident.

One of the people working to murder us is Facebook cofounder Dustin Aaron Moskovitz. He wrote the check for Event 201.
The Co-Founder of Facebook that you’ve never heard of…also the guy who founded Open Philanthropy, who was the actual check-writer for Event201. You were told that it was the World Economic Forum. You were told it was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You were told it was Johns Hopkins University. But the actual check that cleared for the program was signed by none other than Dustin Moskovitz…

Isn’t it interesting that Dustin conveniently decided to shroud this entire public health crisis in a self-serving, self-interested investment objective? He owns Sherlock biosciences. Sherlock Biosciences happens to be the company that owns the CRISPR technology that is the joint venture between the United States and China on gene editing the human genome…

“Dustin Moskovitz knew that if he actually tried to take this technology into the public, nobody would be willing to do it, particularly, given the fact that it’s a JV [joint venture] between him and the government of China. That’s the reason why we’d have a problem with it. Because it feels like eugenics.

“The only way we could get gene editing technology approved was with an Emergency Use Authorization. Not surprisingly, once everybody was distracted on vaccines and everybody was distracted on RTPCR and everybody was distracted on everything else, Sherlock Biosciences slipped their Emergency Use Authorization application into the FDA – and got it. In other words, using the cover of COVID, which all of us are pretending to talk about, the editing of the human genome was approved and not one of us said a thing.

“Now, if you were going to edit the human genome, do you think you’d need a good cover story to actually hide what you’re really doing? You’d probably find the guy who has the biggest financial interest in doing it and make sure, that while everyone is looking over at coronavirus and COVID and trying to figure out these Lab Leak Hypothesis – there’s no Lab Leak Hypothesis, because there’s no lab leak!

“So stop taking about lab leaks! there is no lab leak. This is the willful weaponization of a spike protein, that’s what it is. It’s an act of war, it’s not a leak. We need to start calling it what it is. It’s an act of war. It’s an act of war against humanity.

“But when we talk about the names of people, we humanize the sociopathic behavior. We humanize the fact that there are individuals and organizations that are willfully murdering the humanity that we know and love and we cannot let that happen on our watch. It is incumbent on all us to get those words out.”


“The real control is that,” (points to the slide), “what I call the ‘Atlantic Coalition of Doom.’ The Atlantic Coalition of Doom: BlackRock, AXA, the International Monetary Fund, HSBC, ICBC and you guessed it, United Healthcare…

“United Healthcare is a corrupt organization. It is a corrupt organization. It must be called what it is. It is actually the most manipulative corporate structures known to humanity, because what it does is it matches life insurance and insurance products with the delivery of healthcare, so they can so what? Manage your health? Oh-ho-ho no! Bet against the timing of your death.

“That’s the internal arbitrage. It is the wet dream of the Lloyd’s of London syndicate. They would have loved to have had this opportunity. But guess what? They didn’t. United Healthcare did. They put two things together, which means they get to manage your life so they can time your death, so they can profit on both.”

You can see the full presentation by Dr. avid Martin here.

Further Evidence it’s no accident…………..

In London, 2019, a meeting at the Chatham House included Hillary Clinton, Melinda Gates, and John Kerry. Speaker Marc van Ranst, a Belgian virologist bragged to the group how he fooled the entire Belgium population during the 2009 swine flu through fear mongering, out-of-context-mortality rates and media manipulation.

He laughed explaining how he managed to impose the swine flu vaccine on the frightened Belgium people. A vaccine produced by the pharma company he worked for. watch here.


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