Chipped Like a Wayward Cat

If military strategists, corporate elites, and government officials are taking the prospect of implanting humans with biotech seriously, so should we.

A recent video from South China Morning Post profiled a Swedish start-up hub, Epicenter, that injects its employees with microchips. In a sane world, the idea of being microchipped to access public goods or private property in order to buy, sell, or trade should alarm everyone.

Yet for a growing fringe, this invasive tech isn’t just desirable – it’s already normal. Presently, some 5,000 Swedes use implanted radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to open doors, pay cashless, present medical records, access concert venues, and ride public transportation. According to Ars Technica, as of 2018, an estimated 50,000-100,000 people worldwide have microchip implants, primarily in their hands.

A 2019 analysis in Nature reported about 160,000 people already have deep brain stimulation devices implanted in their heads to treat disorders like epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease, or even addiction and depression. Of these devices, only 34 are true brain-computer interfaces. However, with current advances in technology, enormous injections of capital, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) recent approval, that number will rapidly climb.

For more than six decades, the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has funded Human 2.0 projects, with particular interest in brain-computer interfaces. Citing these and many other human-machine hybrids, the World Economic Forum’s chairman Klaus Schwab recently spelled out his vision of civilizational transformation. His widely read books, The Fourth Industrial Revolution (2016) and The Great Reset (2020), both describe inexorable progress toward total technocracy.

The same idea emerges in a 2019 government analysis, Exploring Biodigital Convergence by Policy Horizons Canada. According to the authors, “Digital technology can be embedded in organisms [and today] biotechnology may be at the cusp of a period of rapid expansion. Its success will hinge on sweeping surveillance.

The document goes on to describe tracking chips, wearable biosensors, internal organ sensors, Web-connected neurotech, and swallowable digital pills that merge body and brain with the digital beehive. 

Last spring, the UK’s Ministry of Defense published the jarring study, Human Augmentation: The Dawn of a New Paradigm. The authors promise this “will become increasingly relevant, partly because it can directly enhance human capability and behavior, and partly because it is the binding agent between people and machines.”

One by one across the globe, canaries are falling dead in the digital coal mine. We see implanted vaxxports in Sweden, lockdowns for the unvaccinated in Austria and Germany, and yes, quarantine camps in Australia and Canada.

The Untact program in South Korea is specifically designed to replace human interaction with social robots and the Metaverse. At the pandemic’s outset, American writers at The Atlantic and CNN urged U.S. leaders to adopt Chinese authoritarianism. Their wish is beginning to come true.

While I doubt any population will be forcibly chipped like wayward housecats, at least not in the near future, no nightmarish policy is truly off the table. In the past 21 months, the United States has seen mandated mRNA gene therapies, QR code-based vaccine passports, mass deletion of supposed “misinformation,” and even drone surveillance to monitor social distancing. Meanwhile, more young adults died from fentanyl overdoses than from any transmissible disease.

If the biosecurity state can force you to wear an obedience mask to buy groceries, what can’t they do? Resist their measures at every turn.  Drag these people down from the seats of power.  Dismantle the structures they’ve already put in place.

For the most part, I couldn’t care less if techno-fetishists chip themselves or refashion their appendages. Had their subculture remained on the fringe, I’d still find such people fascinating. But that’s not what’s happening.

Riding waves of germaphobia, the ultimate organic disruption, tech titans and their think tank ministers are establishing a secular religion. The world’s wealthiest men, wielding the most powerful tools on earth, are erecting inescapable systems of control. We can’t combat them if we don’t acknowledge what they are.

Scientism is their faith. Technology is their sacrament. Their cult is a cyborg theocracy. Even if they rain fire from the sky with the press of a button, never bend the knee to their silicon gods.

You can read Joe Allen’s article, Swedes Are Implanting Microchip Vaccine Passports – It Won’t Stop, at the Federalist. .

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