Depraved Dining Anyone?

It would only be fair to let you know that according to Fact Check, and we know how reliable they are; this is an old hoax. I do however recall Snoops made a similar claim about Pizza Gate. Hmmm…..

If this is a joke, it isn’t funny, if it is a clever advertising campaign, it comes from an extremely sick mind. Still one has to wonder what if. What if it isn’t a joke and only assumed as a joke to hide the truth in plain sight.

If it is a hoax, why is the website allowed to exist? Could it be a restaurant that caters to the fancy of the sicko’s who enjoy baking cakes in the form of children, then pretend to slaughter and eat them?  Perhaps it’s their crafty way of trying to normalize cannibalism.  Will we ever know?

Still, it’s the very thing nightmares are made of.

The restaurant and staff are privately owned by Karina Belenoff, daughter of Somerset Belenoff, Countess of Banbury and Arran. Karina sits on the Board of Governors at the World Governing Council in Luxembourg. She travels frequently to Los Angeles to ensure The Hollydale is always in tip-top shape! An exceptionally talented concert-level pianist, Karina has been known to deliver a surprise performance from time to time, entertaining guests at the Hollydale’s Torso Room.

According to their website’s homepage,, located in Hollydale, CA, the restaurant specializes in the preparation of human meat. Their master chefs bring the cutting edge of experimental cuisine to the refined palates of L.A.’s cultural elite.

“Their exclusive clientele includes noted filmmakers, intellectuals, and celebrities who have embraced the Enlightenment ideals of free expression and rationalism. On event nights, avant-garde performance artists, celebrated literary figures, and ground-breaking musicians entertain our guests.”

What does human flesh taste like you ask? According to their website, “when prepared by us – unbelievable. Of the meats you are likely to find in stores, pork is the closest match.”

So, where do they get their specialty meat? Again, according to their website, their avenues of procurement vary. “Most of the businesses and institutions who supply us prefer to keep those relationships discreet. On the individual level, bodies are often bequeathed to us. For some, this is a way to supplement life insurance and offset funerary expenses. For others, such as Cannibal Club member Gwendoline Fenwich, who was served to her friends and relatives at the Club in January of 2008, being prepared as a meal, and thereby reborn into the bodies of the living, is an attractive alternative to the more traditional practices of burial and cremation.”

And if you’re worried that cannibalism is not just creepy but downright evil, worry not. “Cannibalism, as traditionally practiced shows respect to the deceased.”

If you’re the type of person who enjoys living on the edge you can’t just call and for reservations. You have to contact their homepage and wait to be vetted for membership. They don’t take just any loser!

With all the lawlessness and evil taking place in today’s world it is hard to determine what is truth and what is fiction. We do know all of our natural foods are being altered with hormones and other synthetic and chemical substances. So how is one to truly know what one is eating? And with that, I will let you decide.

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