U.S. Universities Are a Joke!

Universities were, at one time, a place where students struggled with English, calculus, chemistry, accounting, etc., with occasional breaks for a football or basketball game.

Not anymore. There are numerous non-academic distractions, discussions, and debates that (after four years) produce frivolous, foolish frauds leaving with a degree they can hardly read.

On top of that, the cost of higher education has exploded the over the past several decades, leaving many parents scratching their heads in disbelief at how unaffordable it has become, and questioning if it’s really worth it.
In fact, we’re at the point where it’s fair to label much of “higher education” a scam.

The real problem with higher education is the thought monopoly our culture has granted “higher education” by endorsing it as the only respectable way to enter adult society. Everyone knows this thought monopoly directly benefits the left because colleges are absurdly off-center political environments, which is probably the real reason politicians are so eager to have every young person go.

The average college student now spends as much time on “leisure and sports” and “other” as he or she does on study and work according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. “Study time fell for students from all demographic subgroups, for students who worked and those who did not, within every major, and at four-year colleges of every type, degree structure, and level of selectivity. This mountain of evidence suggests that a change in college culture has taken place over the past fifty years, a change that may have profound implications for the production of human capital and economic growth.”

And the academic “work” students do now has not only become less time-consuming, but it’s also become less challenging and, therefore, less economically and intellectually rewarding. Surveys of freshman and senior college students found a decline in student knowledge about American government and history during the college years, which translates into less civic engagement such as volunteering and voting.

Universities are no laughing matter. They are a financial and academic fraud parading as an educational endeavor. Never have so many students paid so much money to receive so little education.

We need more paths into adulthood than a one-way sentence to a college worthy of the name that offers academic work only a fifth, at most, of the population finds stimulating.

source: More Parents Finally Get That College Is a Scam by Joy Pullmann, the Federalist; U.S. Universities Are a Joke, But You Are Funding Them! by Don Boys, Reformationchartlotte.org

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