Teaching Hate

As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.  Proverbs 26:11

Joe Biden has declared war on white supremacist domestic terrorism claiming it is the “biggest threat” facing our nation.  Pay no attention to the mass of illegals crossing our border even though they do include people from terrorist nations.  Pay no attention to the destruction of our economy or inflation, or the national debt.  Ignore food shortages and gas prices.  All you need to pay attention to are those white people.

White supremacy, White nationalism, or White terrorism: Google them for yourself.  The results: 45million, 75 million and 634 million hits, respectively.  Right now there are 68 groups on the U.S. State Department List of Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations. None engages in “white terrorism.” In fact, only five of the entire list has primarily “white” members.  But even if they had an all-white membership, none of the groups in question ever grounded political violence in being white.  Leftist hyperventilating aside, white terrorism is much ado about very little.

Exaggerating the problem of racism is an absolute necessity for the ruling elite.  It is the wind under the wings of Marxists in their flight to Utopia.  The race card is the glue holding the Democrat coalition together. 

The Democrats need to instill the fear of a return of Jim Crow to keep blacks voting for them in overwhelming numbers, without which, the Democrat Party becomes non-competitive.  Ignore the fact that Jim Crow laws were Democrat policies or that the KKK was started by southern Democrats or, that Democrats were the slave holders of the old south!  Marxism is based on a class struggle between the oppressed and the oppressor.  Accordingly, the far-left has made whiteness the oppressor and everything else the oppressed. 

Systems of white supremacy, institutional racism, and white privilege are abstractions.  They are tirelessly trotted out precisely because they are abstractions.  The truth is that individual white “racists,” i.e., those who harass, intimidate, and attack blacks or other minorities, simply aren’t in large enough supply to sustain the narrative of perpetual White Privilege that is the lifeblood of the racism industrial complex.

Hate, not the color of one’s skin, drives violence and the left has become extremely prolific at teaching hate.

Source:  Our Government: Gone to the Dogs? and, White Terrorists vs. the Sultans of Slaughter by Timothy Furnish, the Stream; Why the Left needs Racism by Peter Skurkiss, American Thinker; White Privilege Is an Abstract Used to Enslave Minorities, Franklin County Patriots

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