Why Do We Tolerate the Left?

If freedom is right and just for men to possess, why on earth are we tolerating a government that will not allow us to be free? 

Why are we enduring a bloated and arrogant bureaucracy that takes over half our earnings every year and refuses to let us make our own choices in life? 

Why are we allowing social engineers to dictate how our businesses are to be run, where our children are to go to school, what prices we are to charge, what wages we are to offer, who we are to employ, who we are to associate with, what type of charities we are to support, how and when we are to retire, what is in our best interests, and what is not in our best interests? 

Are we not the sons of the heroes of ’76 who pledged their lives and noble honor for the right to live as independent men, or have we become modern-day vassals to be formed and cared for by condescending bureaucrats?

Can anyone imagine the Yankee traders of the 19th century allowing OSHA agents to inspect their clipper ships and inform them that their safety precautions for putting out to sea were not up to code?  Would Jim Bridger, Sam Houston, the prairie farmers, the cattle barons, and all the others who tamed the west allow their congress­men to confiscate the huge percentages of income we now tolerate so subserviently?

How far does one suppose a bureaucrat would have gotten if he had tried to tell the old stagecoach drivers that they must wear seat belts at all times while on the trail?  What would Patrick Henry or Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys be doing in face of the onslaught of state welfarism that our “brave new worlders” are sniveling for today? Would not our ancestors be up in arms in face of the legislative indignities that our politicians are perpetrating upon us everywhere?

If we as modern-day Americans do not possess the spirit and the moral fiber to face life on our own merits as our forefathers did, what kind of life have we really lived?

If we do not possess the courage to want freedom and to fight for it, as the Founders of this nation so heroically did, what kind of men and women are we? And if we are not to have the right to freedom, what possible vestige of meaning can we then hope to find in our journey through this world?

America’s society of freedom is not for the timorous in search of the static life. It is a vast, evolving carnival of ideological ferment and shooting star discoveries – where sodbusters grow up to be Presidents and dropouts startle mankind with entrepreneurial exploits never before conceived. It is a poetic, existential pageant of burgeoning factories and towns amidst a backdrop of stoic steel will and sirenic romance ripening on the vines of quiet human courage.  

It is a providential kaleidoscope of chance, and fate, and the excruciating salvation of being able to stump the countryside for twenty years to finally realize one’s aspirations. It is a perilous journey by stalwart men of ability, who know no such word as fail and were willing to gamble their precious youth on liberating gifts they intend to build for their fellow men.  

Do Americans still possess the spirit that formed and built this country?  I believe the majority do, but spirit is battered and hidden in the recesses of their minds, suppressed by decades of socialist/ fascist propaganda in their schooling. But the great part of it is still there, and it can be reawakened if we will explain to America how the source of our political-economic problems lies in our one-party monopoly of Demopublicanism.

The political and philosophical principles that spawned America are not transitory. They do not somehow melt away with the age of computers and high technology. Ideas of this stature never fade; it is man’s will that wanes.

If we are stumbling down the path to decay and authoritarian government, it is because we have deserted the wisdom that first formed us.

Source:  A Strong Breed of Men by Nelson Hultberg 

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