The Dark Ages Are Back

For his weekly monologue U.K pundit Neil Oliver looks at the climate change agenda, energy policy, and the constructs of how the new green agenda manifest to create new ways for people to die.

Europe has been struggling with serious energy insecurity issues since the start of the Ukraine war, having been thrust into an epic energy crisis with electricity rationing, power outages, and $10 a gallon gas. Germany is reopening shuttered nuclear plants to avoid perpetual blackouts. Parisians are told to prepare for power outage plans that could reduce consumption by up to 38%.

Europe’s dark ages are back. All that talk about wrapping up warm in the house, putting on an extra clothing, hot water bottles, full-size onesies – it’s dangerous nonsense.  It might be fine for a while if you’re a healthy adult – but it’s a tragedy in slow motion for babies, young children, the elderly, and the sick.  It’s a long time until spring.

Even if layering up and donning a hat were enough to keep a body going, once cold properly gets a grip on a house, it too starts to die in its own way.  The creep of dampness takes its own toll on houses and health alike – frozen pipes – followed by burst pipes – and not enough plumbers to go round. People who can’t afford to heat their homes are likely struggling with spiking food bills as well.

As we just recently experienced during the Christmas holidays, those wind turbines, solar panels and other forms of green energy are not reliable during severe cold weather patterns. Texas once again struggled during the recent bomb cyclone to keep their power on while states that depend on natural gas in the mid-West, mid-Atlantic and New England had serious power outages during some of the coldest weather in my lifetime, resulting in death to many in New York.

“Energy and electricity infrastructure that took years to build is being undone with a stroke of a pen because of what the climate cult is pushing,” warned Larry Behrens of the nonprofit Power for Future. “Fossil fuels are needed to keep us alive, and we see this when climate idealism meets the reality of the weather.”

Our so-called leaders tell us all of it is a price worth paying – by which they mean worth paying by us, the little people. All the decisions are being made by those who have no intention whatever of spending so much as five minutes in an unheated home. Turn up the thermostat and fill out the expenses claim – that’s the order of the day for our elected representatives while those who can’t afford to heat their own homes are forced to subsidize the warmth of the sociopaths that put us in peril.

Regardless of what nonsense they spout about the causes – Putin, climate, whatever – at least know that the current misery and what lies ahead for millions is entirely the consequence of decades of willful destruction in the name of saving the world. A Green agenda that absolutely is not green.

Agenda 2030 – Net Zero – is a second Titanic – and this time the whole world’s being herded aboard like cattle. Millions of people who could and should know better – who have no excuse for not knowing – who could and should have realized long ago that they were being lured led towards disaster – are actually buying tickets for the ride on the ship of fools.

We are told we need to accept smaller, colder, hungrier lives; that we should swap beef and chicken for beetles and worms, and, if you are white, you’re the product of original sin, bad from birth, owing creation itself an apology just for being here. We are being constantly goaded to see ourselves, this human race, as the source of all ills.

I say we are not.

Source:  It’s Remarkable How Many New Ways the Elite Have Concocted for us to Die, Justified by Climate Change by Neil Oliver, The Conservative Tree House; European Gas Crisis ‘Likely’ to Worsen as Winter Cold Snap Hits Continent by Peter Caddle, Breitbart; The Night the Lights Went Out in Europe by Stephen Moore, GOP USA; Climate Idealism Meets the Reality’: Green Energy Failed to Meet Power Demand When It Was Most Needed by Jack McEvoy, CDN

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