If self-gratification is our highest good, then any act up to and including murder becomes good if done in its pursuit.

The first pro-life bill of the new Congress, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, passed the House last week in a party-line vote.  The bill mandated that an infant born alive after a failed abortion would receive the degree of care that any other child born prematurely would receive.  Only one Democrat voted for the bill. There is little doubt in my mind it will make it through the Senate and even if it did, Biden would veto it.

During the floor debate, Rep Jerrold Nadler of NY claimed that the bill “endangered” the child because they must be taken to the hospital.  “It-it-it um, it directs and mandates certain medical care which may not be appropriate, which may endanger the life of the infant.  Jan Schakowsky of Illinois also angrily denounced the bill because it required taking the “struggling” baby to a hospital, a hospital that “could be hours away and could be detrimental to the life of that baby.” 

Have these people lost their minds?  Abortion itself is detrimental to the life of the unborn, much more so than taking a survivor to the hospital.  Why not just admit that they believe any baby condemned to death by abortion, should die – period.

‘I’m killing the babies,” an activist in front of the Basilica of St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral in NY screamed while wearing a one-piece swimsuit with dolls stuffed inside.  Another demonstrator screamed at the Supreme Court – “kill those f*cking babies.”  A demented Twitter user remarked that she was pro-abortion and if she didn’t want to be pregnant she didn’t have to – “vacuum that sht*t out of me like a dental assistant with my saliva.”

A video posted by Libs of TikTok compiled clips of people who responded to the question, “Are aborted babies being burned and used for electricity?” with “I hope so,” cackling, and other deeply disturbing responses such as yea sustainable energy, and oh no, I eat mine from a can.

Ellen Wiebe, a Vancouver abortionist, recently bragged about her murderous exploits in dispatching the lives of an additional 400 people through assisted suicide.  “All Canadians have rights to assisted death, people who are lonely or poor also have those rights.”  And to prove her point, in June 2017 Dr. Wiebe and a nurse sneaked in an Orthodox Jewish nursing home with her catch of lethal drugs to give an 83 year old man with cancer a lethal injection. It didn’t matter to her that their faith forbids assisted suicide or that the residence is home to many Holocaust survivors who understandably found this event traumatizing.

Stefanie Green, a physician from British Columbia, a colleague of Wiebe, admitted to euthanizing over 300 people and claims that “offering the option of an assisted death is one of the most therapeutic things we do.”   As a former obstetrician, Dr. Green disturbingly decided to compare delivering babies to euthanasia in her book This is Assisted Dying, claiming that there are similarities between the two deliveries.

To the Culture of Death, selfishness and self-gratification is nothing new.  It was elevating man’s desires and conceit that separated man from God in the Garden of Eden and it hasn’t slowed down one iota.  It’s why civilizations have gone to war, overthrown governments, raped conquered provinces, abused the vulnerable, robbed, murdered, lied, and cheated.

Selfishness isn’t unique to our moment, but it does manifest today in a particularly straightforward way. If we believe the highest telos of our existence is self-discovery, our lives cease to serve any higher purpose than ourselves. It makes sense, then, that our culture would glorify abortion and assisted death because, by that paradigm, murdering an inconvenient baby or a lonely, sick or old person is a means to self-empowerment.

Until mankind confronts the self-idolatry of our culture, many will believe murdering babies or euthanizing the weak, the sick, the mentally ill, the poor, etc. is not just a necessary evil but a self-empowering good.

Source:  Why Today’s Left Is Willing to Admit Abortion Kills a Child and Still Support It by Elle Purnell, the Federalist; ‘It’s the most rewarding work we’ve ever done’: Canadian doctor who’s euthanized 400 people proudly shares how she helped kill man deemed incapable of choosing assisted suicide – as another physician says she’s helped 300 die, by Ronny Reyes, Daily Mail

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