Freedom Demands Rational Ideology

constFor most of our history, America operated under the ideology of capitalism with the principles of private property, equal rights under the law, freedom of speech and religion, and individual sovereignty. 

Today, most of the world, including the U.S., operates under the collectivist ideology of social welfare, corporatism, liberalism, etc. and embrace public property, corporate-state collusion and equal results in life, along with everything else that goes against the ideals that this nation was founded on.  

It’s not difficult to understand why our liberal dominated intellectual academics opposes the idea of freedom since they were indoctrinated from the time they enter college to believe that the Constitution is a living document; that the use of a rigid se3t of political principles is impractical and racist; that in this new modern world we must be flexible, pragmatic, willing to tolerate a new and ever-changing role for government – open to progressive experimentation and creative government.  

The statist mind demands a vague and loosely defined government, unfettered by the restrictions of theory or principle or rights or labels or moral judgment.  They refuse to label their approach as dictatorial, statist, neo-fascist or authoritarian. 

Do they really believe that by refusing to label it as what it is somehow means it is not what it is?  Hiding from the reality of one’s convictions and advocacies will not change their nature.  Evil evaded is still evil.

Labeling things is important!  If you can’t identify things, you can’t possibly know what is happening around you.  Labeling is defining and defining is the establishment of distinctions, and distinctions show one what is right and what is wrong, beautiful or ugly, weak or strong, etc.

No society in the history of man has ever existed, or ever will, without the use of some form of ideology and its building blocks of terms (labels).  Our founding fathers were ideologues that posited a rational idealism in government affairs, led to the Declaration of Independence and its enshrinement of the rights of mankind. They realized that in order to preserve the rights of the individual was the only way to maintain a free society. 

Ideology is theory, theory is thinking, and labels are our tools to construct proper theory.  The man who wants to erect a government and oversee society without thinking and labeling is a thug or a fool, or both.

The collectivist ideology, along with its welfarist variants, has ruled the world since the early twentieth century and its brutal irrationality is directly responsible for the tyranny that prevails over three-quarters of the globe.  Socialists and liberals have had their chance and they failed.

Modern day tyrants want a vague pragmatism that is not defined (labeled) as to what it is.  In this way, they can violate our rights and say that they are only implementing necessary policy for the emergency of the movement, or the good of the group, or to serve the will of the people.  They can seek arbitrary, unfettered power and feel justified in doing so.

Freedom demands clear labels and rational ideology.

Source:  The Anti-Ideology Syndrome by Nelson Hultberg

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