Democrats Get Caught In Tea Party Election Scheme


As reported by the Detroit News on March 17, 2011, Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper and County Sheriff Michael Bouchard announced Wednesday, two former high-ranking members of the Oakland County Democratic Party are facing various election corruption charges in a bogus tea party scheme.

Arraigned Wednesday before Oakland Circuit Judge James Alexander, were Former Democratic Party Chairman Michael McGuinness and ex-operations director Jason Bauer, both of Waterford Township, face charges related to Independent Tea Party filings, false affidavits and forged documents that occurred between July 23 and July 26 of 2010.

“The presumed intent was to get people drawn to tea party politics and siphon votes off (from other candidates),” Bouchard said, adding, “The investigation of possible election corruption is continuing and included an unnamed “party leader in Lansing.”

“The election process is sacred … this is not a partisan statement,” Cooper said. Bouchard added that 23 questionable election filings across Michigan — eight of them in Oakland County — involved an effort to create the illusion of an Independent Tea Party and its candidates on November’s ballot.

Creating a party in itself is not illegal, but the alleged forging of documents and putting people up for political office without their involvement —  is criminal.

The devious scheme included bogus candidates for two County Commission seats and a state Senate race, according to a copy of a grand jury warrant released Wednesday. One candidate relayed to investigators, he had no knowledge he was even on the ballot until he was notified.

McGuinness and Bauer are both charged with:

  • Three counts of forged records, uttering and publishing, a 14-year felony;
  • Three counts of election law, false swearing, a felony punishable by five years in prison;
  • One count of election law, false swearing-perjury, also a five-year felony and
  • Bauer is also charged with three counts of notary public violation, a one-year misdemeanor

Bauer was suspended several months ago from the Oakland Democratic Party after it surfaced that he encouraged interns to write fake “help me” letters from nonexistent residents in support of a medical program backed by a Democratic commissioner.

more on the story at Michigan Capital Confidential….

Surely, these two did not dream up this scheme on their own, not when the same deception was discovered in several other states; but, unless they speak out, they will be the ones left holding the bag……….for several years, if found guilty.

Democrats admit Rep. John Adler, D-NJ, planted: “Fake Tea Party Candidate”.

“The goal was to take 5 percent of Republican Jon Runyan’s vote,” said a Democrat with direct knowledge of the Adler campaign and CCDC operations.

“Steve Ayscue, [a paid CCDC consultant], designed the plan with Geoff Mackler, [Adler’s campaign manager] following his lead.”

Adler denied his campaign was behind the deception.

Liberals will do anything to promote their Socialist agendas.

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