More Incompetence!

Every day there is more and more being revealed that operation Fast and Furious was never under anyone’s control and now everyone is trying to cover up a colossal mistake and mis-managed operation.

From NewsMax:

The top man in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) has turned sensationally against his Department of Justice bosses saying they were trying to stymie an investigation into the Operation Fast and Furious scandal.

Kenneth Melson, acting director of the ATF, gave a secret deposition to Congress on July 4, it was revealed today. He took his own lawyer instead of relying on one from the ATF.

The stunning move will increase pressure on Attorney General Eric Holder to resign over the operation that saw some 2,000 guns sold to straw buyers who then sold them to Mexican drug cartel leaders.

Read the rest of the story on Newsmax.


In March of 2009 Hillary Clinton (with the blessings of Obama) blamed all of the drug violence in Mexico on U.S. Citizens selling guns across the border to satisfy our drug habit:

Under tight security yesterday in Monterrey, Mexico, Clinton said the drug-related violence along the border was “intolerable for honest, law-abiding citizens of Mexico, my country or of anywhere people of conscience live.”

“We can worry about what’s coming north,” Clinton said, “but the Mexican people are worried about what’s coming south: assault weapons, bazookas, grenades.”

Mexican officials and newspapers hailed Clinton’s blunt admissions that the “insatiable” appetite for drugs in the U.S. was contributing to the violence

Read the whole article here .


Now the guns that  Eric Holder and his cronies allowed to fall into the hands of Mexcian drug cartel members and coming back across the border and being used in violent crimes in Arizona.  Take a look at the video.


Our Government is NOT protecting our borders or our citizens! 

Eric Holder needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for illegal gun trafficking,  providing aid known criminals, lying to Congress and law enforcement, not protecting our borders or the law abiding citizens, obstructing justice, and treason against the United States. 


Let’s try a novel idea!  Close the borders!  Arrest illegal immagrants, and export them. And get the Federal Government out of the way of the border states and allow them to protect their citizens!


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