EPA Fines Fuel Cos. For Non-Existent Product

What happenes to fuel companies when they don’t comply with the guidelines of a law they can’t comply with because the law calls for something that only exist in minuet quantities in only a very few research companies because the cost to produce is off the wall? YOU GET FINED!!!!!

The research companies don’t get fined for failure to produce; the fuel companies get fined for not using what hasn’t been produced.

The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) was enacted to reduce the U.S. dependence on oil from foreign enemies and was intended to improve the efficiency of motor vehicles and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Fuel companies were to blend the non-existent cellolosic biofuel in domestic gasoline and diesel by 2011, which never happened so the fuel companies can’t comply with this law. But that hasn’t stopped the EPA from levying fines on fuel companies who fail to meet the guidelines of a non-existent product. And if the non-existent biofuel doesn’t miraculously appear, fuel companies will face even stiffer fines this year.

“It belies logic,” Charles T. Drevna, the president of the National Petrochemicals and Refiners Association said of the 2011 quota, and raising the quota for 2012 when there is no production makes even less sense, he said.

Matthew Wald of the Times writes that, “Companies supplying motor fuel will have to pay approximately $6.8 million in fines to the Treasury because they failed to “mix a special type of biofuel into their gasoline and diesel.”

To reduce our dependency on foreign oil, VOTE Obama out of office so we can drill our own oil, save our economy, and save our jobs.

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