Obama’s Documentary – Propaganda, Propaganda, Propaganda!

 The official Title is “The Road We’ve Traveled”

Should be titled “The Road We’ve Forced Down The Throats Of U.S. Citizens”

You will need a bucket,  anti-acid and a cold cloth to help curb dry heaves.

Yes, I remember what it was like in 2008 before Obama.

We had the Constitution! 

No president ever bowed to another country’s leader!

No president ever apologized for our Nation!

No president ever signed legislation to kill an American citizen!

No president ever said we were not a Christian Nation!

No president ever used race to turn people against each other!

No president ever took over private industry for his own gain!

No president ever openly conspired to bypass congressional authority!

No president ever said he had to save everyone through collective salvation to save himself!

 No president had ever refused to salute our flag!

No president had ever degraded an American flag with his face on it!

No president had ever belittled our allies and defended our enemies!

No president had ever entered our armed forces into military action with congressional authority!

No president had ever pushed the union agenda over the right to work!

No president had ever prevented a goverment agency from entering government land to pursue illegal aliens!

No president had ever added $4 trillion to our deficit in 3 years!

No president had attended college as a foreign student under a different name then claimed to be a U.S. citizen!

No president ever refused to show his true birth certificate!

No president had ever paid lawyers millions to hide his past!

No president had ever taken as many vacations, entertained and partied at the taxpayer’s expense!

No president ever called for a Civilian National Security Force just as powerful, strong and as well armed as our military! video

No President had ever placed citizens who disagree with him on a terrorist list!

No President ever dictated salaries to private sector!

No president ever took control of student loans!

No other President ever attended an American Flag burning!

No President had ever expressed disapproval of our National Anthem!

No President ever needed a teleprompter to speak to school children!

No President other than Obama was afraid of “we the people” to keep and bear arms!

Christians were not arrested for praying in public!

Christians had freedom of religion!

In God We Trust was our motto!

Muslims did not worship Allah in our streets!

Muslim law was not practiced in our courtrooms!

We had freedom to chose our own health Insurance!

We had freedom to chose our own food!

We had freedom to work and use our own money for our own families!

We had less taxation!

We could afford gasoline!

We could afford heating oil!

We could afford electricity!

We could afford groceries!

We had less government interferrence!

We had privacy!

We had freedom of speech!

We didn’t have to worry about being indefinitely detained without a lawyer!

We weren’t strip searched before boarding an airplane!

Our children weren’t indoctrinated about alternate lifestyles in school!

Our children could sell lemonade without a permit or a license!

We had the right to buy and drink raw milk!

The Frederal Reserve wasn’t printing monopoly money!

The EPA wasn’t trying to shut down farming!

We had no moratorium on drilling!

Marriage was between a man and a woman!

and the list goes on………………

Yes, I certainly do remember 2008 before Obama. We had a President, not a Dictator!




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