Muslim Brotherhood “Civilization Jihad”

In addition to the threat of violent jihad, America faces another, even more toxic danger – a stealthy and pre-violent form of warfare aimed at destroying our constitutional form of democratic government and free society. The Muslim Brotherhood is the prime mover behind this seditious campaign, which it calls “civilization jihad.”

The Muslim Brotherhood? Yes, that would be the same organization to which President Obama recently transferred $1.5 billion of our tax dollars in a lump-sum payment. For him to do so, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton had to waive congressionally imposed restrictions born of fully justified concerns about the nature and direction of the Shariah-adherent government the Brotherhood is birthing in Egypt.

Mrs. Clinton’s presidentially directed waiver came despite the following: the Brotherhood-dominated government’s hostage-taking of American democracy activists; murderous Islamist rampages against Coptic Christians and other religious minorities; the toleration and abetting of escalating violence against Israel in and from the Sinai; and official threats to jettison the 1979 peace treaty with the Jewish state. Matters have only gotten worse since the president’s largesse was made available in an unusual upfront lump-sum payment.

Addressing the issues:

Obama repeatedly apologizes to our enemies, and Leon Panetta and our military apologized for the Koran buring. This is a sign of weakness on behalf of the United States.

The US military is now being told to submit to whatever sacred beliefs our enemies hold sacred, but has removed and buried our God, our Christ and our Bible.

Robert Mueller, in early 2012 met with top Muslim Brotherhood (CAIR) operatives to announce that hundreds of terrorist training documents and briefings, that they (MB), might deem offensive have been purged from the Bureau’s files.

By removing this critical information, the FBI no longer has access to understanding or how to encounter Jidahist.

Obama is setting us up for doom and defeat. We are being attacked by what the Mulim Brotherhoods calls the “civilization jihad”, a form of warfare that manipulates financial techniques, infiltration of our civil institutions, our government and lawfare, our courts, which turns our liberties and governing structures against us, the American citizens. You can download this book for free at

Shariah is a comprehensive Totalitarian Control in political, military and legal spheres to include it’s brutal oppresive treatment of the anti-Constitutional violent treatment of women, religious minorities, gays, apostates, etc., and it’s ambition is to impose this worldwide.

Shariah IS NOT about faith – it’s about POWER! Any Muslim who tells you this is not true, is practicing taqiyya, or LIE FOR THE FAITH. (The end justifies the means. Sound familiar?)

Al QAEDA is a splinter group of the Muslim Brotherhood. Their goals are: To achieve Shariah’s triumph worldwide and to re-establish the Caliphat to rule globally.

Their creed: “Allah is our objective, the prophet is the way, the Quran is our law, Jihad is the way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

Muslim Brotherhood

“A civilization-jihadist process……a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western Civilization from within, sabotaging it’s miserable house with their [ie, Americans’] hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” 

Techniques the Muslim Brotherhood are using here in the United States:

  • Keep the infidels ignorant of the true nature and progress of Shariah
  • Prohibit “Blasphemy” & “Slander”
  • Demand Concessions
  • Utilize educational vehicles
  • Interfaith dialogue
  • Shariah-Compliance Finance
  • Insinuate Sharah into US Courts
  • Place Muslim Brotherhood into positions from which they can exercise influence

The Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated BOTH political parties. In 1998 they quickly gained access and influence in Conservative & Republican circles by way of anti-tax activist Grover Norquist. They co-founded the Islamic Free Market Institute, a front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood, with the purpose of destroying the right from within.

Thanks to access granted the Muslim Brotherhood personnel by the Bush administration, openings established for the Brotherhood Civilization Jihad Operations continue at an intensified level today with……and thanks to help from….the Obama administration.

Obama has entrusted positions of influence………..even key government post to individuals tied to the Brotherhood, or Islamic organizations.

Along with Obama, individuals who are Muslims or sympathic to Islamic Priorities are already in the Public Domain:

  • The White House
  • Director of National Intelligence
  • State Department
  • Justice Department
  • The Pentegon
  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Homeland Security Administration
  • NASA

Phases of the Brotherhood:

  • Infiltration of government (The Brotherhood has achieved)
  • Conflict & Confrontation with the rulers through utilizing mass media (being used now)
  • Open public confrontation with government through exercising the political pressure approach (also being done now)
  • Training on the use of weapons domestically in anticipation of “zero-hour” (training camps thought country, happening now)
  • Seizing power to establish Islamic Nation (last step, waiting for the right time)

OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) – is the most powerful group in the UN with 56 member Nations. This organization has pushed the blasphemy & slander campaign against Muslims, which Obama has already complied with. You can not insult a Muslim!

These are the Victims of OIC who spoke out and tried to warn against Shariah’s threat that have faced prosecution in their own countries. Geert Wilders – Dutch member of Parliament, Ezra Levant – Canadian Journalist, Mark Steyb – author Canadian/American, Elizabeth Sabaditsch Wolff – Austrian activist, and Lars Hesegaard – Danish activist.

Other victims of OIC include:

Molly Norris – cartoonist with the Seattle Post-Intelligence. She was subjected to Islamic fatwa calling for her murder. The FBI told her to take them serious, change her name, change her appearance and go into hiding. Norris was fired and has since disappear!

Matt Stone & Trey Parker – creators of South Park received death threats.

Using Other Faiths to Accomplish Shariah goals – Bridge Building Gambits

  • interfaith seminars, services, panels
  • borrowing Christian churches and Jewish Synagogues for Muslim worship
  • Touting shared faith traditions, practices
  • Interfaith excursions (Sayyid QUTB instructed to use all these to bring the infidel across the bridge to Islam.)

The sign for The First Church of Chrislam reads: “Move over Jesus, Muhammad’s coming in”

These organizations are all tied to the Muslim Brotherhood and are in OUR country:

  • ISNA – Islamic Society of North America
  • MSA – Muslim Student’s Association
  • MCA – The Muslim Communities Association
  • AMSS – The Association of Muslim Social Scientists
  • AMSE – The Association of Muslim Scientist & Engineers
  • IMA – Islamic Medical Association
  • ITC – Islamic Teaching Center
  • NAIT – North America Islamic Trust
  • FID – Foundation for International Development
  • IHC – Islamic Housing Cooperative
  • ICD – Islamic Centers Divison
  • ATP – American Trust Publications
  • AVC – Audio-Visual Center
  • IBS – Islamic Book Service
  • MBA – Muslim Businessmen Association
  • MYNA – Muslim Youth of North America
  • IFC – ISNA FIQH Committee
  • IPAC – ISNA Political Awareness Committee
  • IED – Islamic Education Department
  • MAYA – Muslim Arab Youth Association
  • MISG – Malasian [sic] Islamic Study Group
  • IAP – Islamic Association for Palestine
  • UASR – United Association for Studies & Reasearch
  • CAIR – Council on Islamic Relations, and many 100’s more

The only way to prevent the united States from becoming a Muslim Nation and preserve our Freedom is to VOTE OBAMA OUT in 2012; if it isn’t too late by then.





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