The primary is tomorrow the 12th and we want to encourage all Virginians to vote for someone who best represents their values in the various races around the state.  Your vote is your voice – use it!

Senate Republican Primary:

  1. Former Senator George Allen
  2. Bishop E. W. Jackson, Sr.
  3. Delegate Bob Marshall
  4. Jamie L. Radtke

Virginia 4th District Democratic Primary

  1. Joe Elliot, Jr., and
  2. Ella Ward

Virginia 4th District Republican Primary

  1. Congressman Randy Forbes
  2. Bonnie Girard

Virginia 6th District Republican Primary

  1. Congressman Bob Goodlatte
  2. Karen Kwiatkowski

Virginia 7th District Republican Primary

  1. Floyd Bayne
  2. Congressman Eric Cantor

Virginia 8th District Democratic Primary

  1. Congressman Jim Moran
  2. Bruce Shuttleworth

Virginia 11th District Republican Primary

  1. Chris Perkins
  2. Ken Vaughn



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