More Attacks On Religion












I guess the 1st Ammendment, like the rest of the Constitution, at least in Governmental circles, can’t be interpreted like the rest of us do…….

At least if seems that the officals  in Pheonix, AZ don’t read it like I do.

Below you can hear directly for the Pastor that is Now in Jail serving a 60 day sentence.

I am tired of the constant attacks on our rights, coming from all sides.  How many times does this type of thing have to happen before we finally have had our fill?   How many times do we gripe and complain and then sit back and let it happen again and again?

I can’t help but think that our so called government is testing the boundaries with the American people how much will we give up before we finally scream at the top of our collective lungs ……….. ENOUGH!

Are we going to try do something about it after we have relinquished our right to take action?  After those God given rights have been stripped away?  After the Constitution has been completely shred to pieces by administration, the congress and our Judicial systems.   I use to word “system” loosely, as it implies some level of order and reason. 

Folks, our fore fathers had the knowledge and understanding that those rights spelled out in the Constitution we not governments to “grant”, but given by our God,  not to be regulated, taxed or “bestoed” on us by any government.

I truly believe Thomas Jefferson had it right.  Maybe we, collectively, should do some serious reading of the preamble of the Declaration Of Independance, and then some real serious soul searching and praying.  Are we a nation of of independent people?  People that give powers to a government formed by our forefathers to secure our rights?  Or are we now a nation of people who have thrown the God given armor of independence aside and have become “subjects of the ruling class”?



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