Muslim Brotherhood Receives 1.5 Billion from Obama


Even though the United States Congress stopped any foreign aid via military aid to Egypt because the U.S. Congress has believed Egypt is not making progress on freedoms and human rights, Obama has allegedly granted $1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood in that nation.

That’s 1.5 Billion that is not going to pay off the national debt. 1.5 billion that will not help the unemployeed. 1.5 billion that will not go to help the poor. 1.5 billion that will not help feed the hungry.

It is however, 1.5 billion that will be used to further destroy our nation.

Obama is the master of lies. He complains that Congress will not work with him, yet bypasses Congress without consulting them, and especially when it comes to disbursing money to our enemies.

Makes you feel warm all over doesn’t it…………….knowing Obama would rather give taxpayer dollars to our enemies, than protect and provide for his own country?


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