Coalition of African-American Pastors Call For Blacks To Boycott Obama

Pastor William Owens, president of the 1300 member Coalition of African-American Pastors, is calling on Black ministers to boycott the President and sign a petition demanding that Obama withdraw his support for same-sex marriage.   Obama and Eric Holder have so far refused to meet with the Coalition to discuss same-sex marriage.

Pastor Owens said that “by embracing gay marriage, Obama is leading the country down an immoral path.  Some things are bigger than the next election.”

The coalition is also calling on the African, Methodist and Episcopal Churches to renounce Obama’s actions.

“We were once proud of President Obama but our pride has turned to shame.”

“There is no institution more important than the American family.  In our families, the seeds of personal character are planted, as we impart the teachings of Christ and learn to hear God’s voice.  Through love, instruction, disciplines, guidance and example, we learn from our mothers and fathers the values that will shape our lives.

I am convinced that the majority of Americas share our values of faith and family, but the men and women who weave the fabric of our culture choose to ignore us.

We believe that the time has come to stand up for traditional marriage.”

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3 comments for “Coalition of African-American Pastors Call For Blacks To Boycott Obama

  1. July 24, 2012 at 7:26 pm

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  2. pam
    September 17, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    But it’s ok for Romney…who would no doubt win because of the Obama boycott… who believes as a MORMON, that after you die you go to the planet Kolab!!!???? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!
    President Obama is the President of the United States not the “Pastor” of the United States..he’s only doing what’s constitutionally fair/right. If christianity is so deep to all the christians ..Why on earth would a christian want someone in the White House who is of the Mormon faith?
    Last I heard from all the christians I know… Mormonism was a cult!!
    Which by the way…not until the seventies were blacks allowed to be priests in the Morman church!!

  3. Rretta
    September 17, 2012 at 3:54 pm

    We are not electing a pastor-in-chief. What we are trying to replace is a president who has done everything within his power to destroy our economy and our religious freedom. As a Christian it is not my duty to judge Romney’s beliefs. That is between Romney and God. And, unless Romney attempts to legislate his Morman faith upon the entire country, they are not relevent. Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage and abortion on demand and his attempt to force them on all people of faith are an affront to Christians.

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