Will Boehner Sell Us Out Again?

Government funding ends on September 30.   The House has the option and I hope the good sense, to include language in the new funding bill to prohibit the administration from using any money to implement ObamaCare.

Don’t forget that the HHS mandate on religious organizations is set to take effect on August 1.  Without funding, this mandate will be moot.

Already as many as 100 Repubicans have signed a letter to Boehner and Eric Cantor asking that they deny funding to ObamaCare.  Boehner dodged the question of whether or not  not he will deny funding to ObamaCare in the new legislation.

You can read the letter here.

The House has the Power of the Purse  —  will they use it for good or sell us out?

You can contact John Boehner by email here or call at 202-225-0600  –  fax 202-225-5117

You can contact Eric Canter by email here or call 202-225-2815  –  fax 202-225-0011

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