Scientists Say There Is No Consensus On Climate Change

gasEnvironmental groups gathered on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Sunday in 30 some degree weather  to pressure  Obama to reject the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.  Speakers portrayed the battle over the pipeline as a struggle between  grassroots green groups and deep-pocketed special interests.  According to Obama’s loyal communist Van Jones “His heart is there.  The question is can we change the politics enough so he can do what he knows is right.”

I am sure Van Jones will get his wish,  especially since Obama is  still insisting that taxpayers relentlessly throw money we do not have at politically favored technologies now so awash in superfluous supply that its all they can do to keep their heads above water, even as Europe has begun to seen the writing on the wall.

These enviro-commies are also  pushing Obama  to set emissions  standards for existing power plants,  to build on proposed rules in Obama’s first  term that effectively barred construction of new coal-fired power plants, to forge ahead with clean-energy research and deployment on federal lands, measures  to boost energy efficiency in homes, buildings and manufacturing and efforts to  make coastal towns and cities more storm resilient.

All of which smacks of big bucks to fix a problem that doesn’t exist, and the continued escalation of energy bills that the average American can not afford.    These nuts will continue to push for measures that will ensure the continued decline of America’s economy.  Climate change is, without any doubt, the  biggest Ponzi scam on the planet.

Two far-left global warming activists, Lianne M. LeFsrud of the University of Alberta, and Renate E. Meyer of Vienna University of Economics and Business, recently released a study, “Science or Science Fiction: Professionals’ Discursive Construction of Climate Change.”   The fact that the study comes from the far-left side of the  global warming debate makes it hard for environmental activists  to dismiss it or attribute it the “vast right-wing flat-earthers.”

Thanks  to the study we now know that there is a scientific consensus among ‘real’ scientists that  global warming isn’t much more than weather.     More importantly,  the study exposes the beliefs of ‘real’ scientists  rather than bureaucrats who use the alarmist “sky is falling” scam to scare people into believing a lie to perpetrate redistribution of wealth.

We now have meteorologists, geoscientists and engineers all reporting that they are skeptics of an asserted global warming crisis.

Slightly more than one-third of  the geoscientists and engineers in the study believe that humans are creating a global warming crisis but,  The majority  believe that nature is the primary cause or that any future global warming is not a serious threat.  The majority also believe that changes to the climate are natural normal cycles of the Earth; that even if global warming were caused by both humans and nature it offers little impact on personal lives and little risk to our future; that the ‘real’ cause of  any climate change in unknown and uncontrollable.    Most are also skeptical of the United Nations ICPP global warming model’s accuracy and worry about the affects that the  Kyoto Treaty and all its regulations will have on the economy.

Another  survey published in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society reports  only one in four American Meteorological Society broadcast meteorologists agree with United Nations’ claims that humans are primarily responsible for recent global warming.  Opinions included that  most of the warming since 1950 is very likely human-induced, U.N. IPCC models are not reliable, and  most agreed with the Weather Channel cofounder John Coleman’s statement that “global warming is a scam.”

The survey results support the claims of rank-and-file scientists who say global warming position statements by the bureaucratic branches of groups such as the American Meteorological Society (AMS) are out of touch with the scientific opinions of member scientists.

A recent survey of American Meteorological Society  members, reported in Forbes,  shows meteorologists are skeptical that humans are causing a global warming crisis.   The survey confirms what many scientists have been reporting for years;  the politically focused bureaucratic leadership of many science organizations is severely out of touch with the scientists themselves regarding global warming issues.

With substantially fewer than half of meteorologists very worried about global warming or expecting substantial harm during the next 100 years, one has to wonder why environmental activist groups are sowing the seeds of global warming panic.

Obama is still insisting that taxpayers relentlessly throw money we do not have at politically favored technologies now so awash in superfluous supply that its all they can do to keep their heads above water, while Europe has seen the error of their ways and is cutting back.

People who look behind the self-serving statements by global warming alarmists about an alleged “consensus” have always known that no such alarmist consensus exists among scientists.  Now that we have access to hard surveys of scientists themselves, it is becoming clear that not only do many scientists dispute the asserted global warming crisis,  but these skeptical scientists may indeed form a scientific consensus.



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