Arms Trade Treaty March 18-28, 2013

The United Nations Final Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on 18-28 March 2013. The first round of negotiations took place in July 2012, but did not result in an agreement on a treaty text.

  The Obama administration,and the Democrat supermajority in congress are working on signing this treaty to bypass the 2nd Amendment.

 The UN is a stealth organization, their small arms treaty is not only to stop arms trade between countries, but to disarm the American citizens. They feel the US citizens do not have a human right to own these small arms as you will see from this video. They even have UNICEF collecting money for them and supporting their gun control agenda for the American people.

   Could this be the American gun owners against the world? If they ratify this UN Small Arms treaty in March, could it be the end of gun ownership in America?  Watch this video and you decide. Are you prepared?






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