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obamarobberA free and open society depends on tradition, customs, culture and law to maintain its condition. For a couple of hundred years the US came closest to achieving the near-perfect balance of freedom for its citizens. Slavery was an obvious and major flaw that eventually was overcome. There were other imperfections of course, but no other country ever approached the success achieved in the United States.

The US was not perfect, but actuality never equals idealism. No other episode in human history came as close. The accompanying results were impressive. The US achieved unparalleled success and prosperity in a short period of time. No one has approached this achievement over any period of time. Internal peace and prosperity were the by-products of nearly true freedom.

Today, much of what the country was is gone. Freedom has been drastically curtailed and continues to be disappear. Government can no longer be confused as being  ”of, for and by” the people. It has become an oppressive master, not a servant.

Government is willing to punish anyone who stands in its way. Rights and freedoms receive lip-service from the political class but actions defy the pretty words. The Rule of Law and the Constitution are nearly irrelevant. The work of politicians is considered too important for time-honored and proven principles to stand in the way.  Principles no longer matter. Political expediency does. Practical and expedient, aided by a manufactured crisis here or there, have swept away principles.

Government schools and an imbecilic press ensure that most citizens are kept in the dark regarding the rape that is being inflicted on the country. Corporatism rules as the political class buddies up with corporate chieftains to bilk ordinary citizens. Favors are granted and received within this oligarchy. Profits accrue to the oligarchy, but losses are socialized and paid for by the sheeple. Trillions went to the criminals running the banking industry, but not one banker went to jail. Jon Corzine, the poster child for the oligarchy cannot account for billions of dollars of investors’ money. Oh, never mind, he is one of the power elite so doesn’t have to answer for his malfeasance, incompetence, criminality or whatever it may have been.

angerThe economy is crippled as a result of years of government meddling and interventions. Central planning squandered billions on asinine, impractical dreams like solar power and ethanol. Fiscal and monetary stimuli have been even costlier, distorting prices and interest rates and encouraging improper economic decisions and investments. The economy is now so riddled with inefficiencies that it is no longer productive. The lives of US and world citizens have been made harder and poorer as a result. But the political boondoggles served their purposes by providing subsidies and payoffs to supporters and interest groups.

The internal peace of the country has been placed at risk as the country has changed from one of citizens cooperating with one another to one where they are at odds with one another. Deliberate conflict is encouraged among interest groups. A large portion of American society has no understanding of economics and the need to produce. The yearning for freedom and success has been sucked out of them, actually bribed away from them via food stamps, cellphones and large screen TVs. Goodies are exchanged for votes. As part of this bribery, any chance for self-respect and a meaningful life has also been taken.

The new zombie class does not know cooperation or achievement. They know only entitlement. They are the new slaves of the State. They survive at the pleasure of the ruling class. Whatever talent and drive they might have had has been stifled by politicians pretending to care about them. So long as they remain compliant and vote the right way, they will be taken care of. But what happens when leaders are no longer chosen by a vote. Then this helpless class is of no use and will be abandoned by their masters to fend for themselves in a world for which they are ill-prepared.

To support the zombie class, the productive class must also be enslaved. Tax rates increasingly take larger shares of the fruits of their labor. Being forced to work for nothing, or at least for less than what the work is worth is a form of slavery. At what tax rate do we recognize it for what it is? 30%? What about 60%? It doesn’t have to be 100% to qualify as slavery. Even in the old true days of slavery, slaves were allowed to have food and shelter. Then, as now, a 100% tax theft cannot work.

The internal peace and tranquility of the nation is threatened by interest group politics. One group is painted as an enemy of another. Meaningless words like “fair,” “fair share” and “equity” are used to fan the antagonism. Demagogues use this interest-group politics to gain votes. In the course of doing so, they divide the country and create envy and animosity. In a serious economic crisis, these manufactured animosities will surface.

The inherent goodness of the American character still exists, particularly in the older generations. Too many in the younger generations have not developed character and values. They have been raised to believe they are entitled to a living, whether they provide it or not. This generation lives in an economic fairyland, encouraged by politicians to do so. They believe government has wealth and that it is government’s responsibility to provide a standard of living. In this juvenile and convoluted world, work is optional.

For many, the world is zero-sum in nature. If they have less, it is only because someone else has some of what they should have. Such a belief system separates wealth from work. No one fails because of lack of effort. Failure doesn’t even exist because everyone is assumed equal. If you are not, it is not your fault but the fault of someone that exploited you. With such beliefs, how can it be considered unjust to right the previous wrong?

Politicians began and encourage these beliefs. Dividing people into classes is a means to gain votes. Divide and conquer is a despicable political strategy, but it works. And that is all that counts for politicians who have no morals, ethics or integrity.

Envy and jealousy have replaced admiration and respect when looking at others’ success. Indeed, success itself has become pejorative. Too many believe it is only achieved by dishonesty or exploitation. The zombies are taught that success has been stolen from them and others. Work habits, education and ability are not factors in success. The system is corrupt, or so they are convinced. Hence, anyone successful is to be despised rather than respected.

In the highly politicized economic world of today, cronyism is increasingly the means to success. Great wealth is no longer achieved by producing goods and services that others can use. It now comes from knowing someone in power who can open doors for you and throw government subsidies (taxpayer money) your way. Wealth is increasingly unearned and associated with Washington, DC. The power structure acquires wealth the easy way — by plundering ordinary, productive citizens.

To understand how bad our situation has become, a handful of statistics is all that is needed. The per capita income in the Washington DC area is the highest in the nation. So too are housing prices. On the other hand, the unemployment rate is below 4% while the rest of the country is near 8%. But nothing is produced in this cesspool on the Potomac. Nothing but grief and interference for everyday citizens trying to feed their families.

I am disgusted by what has happened to this country. The future is bleak and getting bleaker. America is no longer the home of the brave and the free. It is now the home of the connected and the corrupt. It is nothing like the country I knew. It has become the home of the grifters, con artists and crooks. This description fits our political class. They are no longer bound by rules or laws.

After two hundred plus years, power has escaped its box and now runs rampant in the US. The current Administration shows no concern for tradition, law, truth, ethics or decency. The delusional messianic quasi-dictatorship of Obama is emboldened by citizens, the media and fellow politicians who refuse to call him out. The harsh methods of the Chicago street gang are becoming evident. Anyone in their path is the enemy and must be destroyed.

I want my country back, not for myself but for my offspring. You should also. No two-bit imitation of Hugo Chavez should be allowed to do what is being done. We the people must put a stop to the tyranny and destruction of our civilization.

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1 comment for “Give My Country Back To Me

  1. TiredOfCrims
    March 17, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    The title “Give me my country back”, give? Really? You had your country, YOU are the one(s) who GAVE it away to the useless, the tyrants (petty or otherwise), the uneducated, and the fool. Now you expect them just to give it back to you? Hardly, you will have to take back from and fight for every lost liberty, possibly even die from that fight, to regain ANY of the liberties lost. Why is the 2nd Amendment in trouble today? Because we “tolerated” the NFA of ’34, the GCA of ’68, and the final nail the “machinegun ban” of the 80’s. Now they want your pop-guns too. So what’s it gonna be?

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