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The Daily Rant: Black Conservative Mychal Massie's Hard Hitting Commentary on Race, Obama and Politics

Mychal Massie

Sean Penn is applauded as a volatile actor. He is known for his deep respect for world leaders such as Hugo Chavez, the late Communist leader of Venezuela and the soon-to-be-late (many hope) Fidel Castro of Cuba. He is known as a juggernaut for extreme left-wing politics. He has a history of spousal abuse.

We can now add to the above list that he is a lousy father who by his silence encourages his son to lash out at persons doing their jobs and to call them vulgar invectives such as “nigger” and “faggot.”

In an Evening Update from last week, I wrote that Penn’s son Hopper unleashed torrents of “F-U fool, F-U faggot,” and “F-U nigger” accompanied with continued single-finger salutes.

Hopper, which is a fitting name for a person with a port-a-potty mouth, may be the spoiled-brat of a man who embraces Communist world-leaders, but we’re Americans and darn tired of liberal double standards. So here is how the Daily Rant is asking you to make that point to Penn and his belligerent son. The Daily Rant is asking that you join us in emailing, calling, and/or writing his publicist condemning not only his son’s actions but Sean’s also for his public failure to correct his son immediately. It goes without saying, Penn would join in the outrage if a Tea Party person were even thought to have said something like his son did.

The next thing the Daily Rant is asking you to do is to contact the NAACP national office in Washington, D.C. to ask them why they are not leading protests and issuing press statements calling Sean Penn and his son racists as they do when conservative groups. The NAACP is quick to march, protest, and rallies when they falsely accuse Tea Party groups and police departments of being racist. In this instance not only is the incident irrefutable but it actually took place in their backyard in Los Angeles.

Finally, the Daily Rant is asking you to contact the office of the national homosexual and lesbian task force.

The contact information such as we have been able to procure without having my assistant devote more time to it than they warrant is listed below and is identified with each group. The Daily Rant asks that UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU MAKE THREATS, USE VULGARITY, OR MAKE SLURS AGAINST ANYONE BASED ON RACE, COLOR, OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

Our mission is to send a clear, unambiguous message to these people that we are tired of their duplicitous double standards. And that we are no longer willing to stand by and let them brand us as homophobes, xenophobes, and racists, when in fact, it is the very liberals they look up to who are demeaning them and who think ill toward them.

We did a cursory search of Sean Penn’s publicists, managers, and lawyers. Please note: There were many offices listed as representing Penn, but the only one we found that was willing to admit they represented Penn was his east coast publicist, a Mara Buxbaum in New York. Below is contact information for that office.

While we have listed three offices for the NAACP, the Hollywood office might be best for emails since the incident itself was perpetrated in Hollywood. Albeit we do strongly suggest contacting the NAACP national office, as well.

We have listed the three primary offices for the homosexual and lesbian task force, but not wishing to tie up assistants running down email addresses we’ve included the link to their homepage.

This is your chance to make your voice heard. Please, let’s be as loud and vocal as they would be if Sean Penn and his son were white conservatives.

Sean Penn’s East Coast Publicist: Mara Buxbaum I/D Public Relations – 155 Spring Street 6th Floor New York, NY 10012 – Phone: 212-334-0333


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