Amnesty Propaganda: How Stupid Do They Think You Are?

02Ads featuring Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) shilling for amnesty and pushing for major increases in guest workers are now blanketing the talk radio airwaves.

The ads are paid for by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s lobbying group, Americans for a Conservative Direction, which isn’t really conservative, and is nothing more than a front group for the tech industry that supports Rubio’s amnesty bill because it will substantially increase their access to lower-wage foreign workers.

The Gang of Eight even included a so-called “Facebook loophole,” which expands the number of foreign workers companies- like Facebook – can employ without restriction.

Unfortunately, Rubio and Ryan are completely misrepresenting Rubio’s deal with the Democrats and ignoring its detrimental impact on Americans.

Using amnesty advocates’ code about getting people “out of the shadows,” the Rubio/Ryan ad glosses over the details of the Senate amnesty bill and tells outright lies:

“So let’s secure the border.” In fact, the Senate bill merely requires DHS to submit a border security plan, not actually secure the border before amnesty for 12 million illegal aliens.

“They’ll undergo a background check.” In fact, illegal aliens may have up to three misdemeanors, some criminal convictions and even be gang members but all this can be waived by DHS.

“They’ll start paying taxes.” In fact, illegal aliens would file taxes but most are low-income so they’ll be eligible for more in tax credits and benefits than what they’d ever contribute in taxes. Note also, that illegal aliens will not be required to pay back taxes.

“They won’t qualify for federal benefits.” In fact, illegal aliens who are granted RPI status will become immediately eligible for federal benefits because of their dependents who may be citizens. 2-3 million DREAM Act recipients will become eligible for nearly all federal assistance in just 5 years. Moreover it remains uncertain whether the final bill will allow access to Obamacare.  Finally, as the Heritage Foundation noted, once amnesty recipients do become eligible for benefits, the drain on taxpayers will be $6.3 trillion over several decades representing yet more debt irresponsibly kicked down the road to future generations.

The Rubio-Ryan talk radio ads ask conservatives to help “end de facto amnesty in America.”

We might observe that to the extent de facto amnesty exists in America, the solution is for Congress to compel the President to enforce our existing laws, not bend them to accommodate law breaking.

The Rubio-Ryan brand of “Conservative Immigration Reform” sure sounds a lot like amnesty and their ads are just de-facto deception.


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