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In case you missed it, Hussein Obama just personally told the parents, family and friends of Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty, all of whom he allowed to be murdered in Benghazi without lifting a finger, to “&%#@ off,” and it would appear that I am one of a small number who are blood-boiling outraged.  Hussein figuratively gave the middle finger to the American people, and a feckless Congress has — in the absence of their rebukes — given him their tacit stamp of approval.

“Hussein” Obama took the dictatorial step, commensurate with all the evil characters his middle name brings to mind, and openly showed that he was willing to publicly reward lies, subterfuge, and criminal acts, by promoting Susan Rice to the position of National Security Advisor.  Rice is the woman at the center of scandal and investigations of the murdered Americans in Benghazi.  

Even Ray Charles, i.e., someone blind and dead, can see that her promotion was a reward for her misdeeds and outright lies immediately following the terrorist attack in Benghazi.  It also ensures Obama that she is much less likely to surrender any information harmful to him about why he did nothing to protect our men who were under terrorist attack.  And it allows him to place her under the protection of his office which guarantees she will never have to surrender any information and protects her from prosecution. 

I will also submit that her appointment is proof positive that he is as guilty as Satan himself for the deaths of Stevens, Woods, Smith, and Doherty.  It is the fact that he has so arrogantly thumbed his nose at the people, the families, and the military that I find so egregious.  The action he has taken is the action of putative, tin-breasted dictators who live in tents, herd goats, and eat with their hands.

He is a disease in the fabric of the office he holds, and we should be outraged.  Once again, I am shouting to the masses that we should be protesting in the streets and organizing demonstrations and marches in our hometowns and Washington, D.C. Over a thousand people showed up outside the courthouse doors to protest every day at the Jodi Arias murder trial.  Yet We the People who are supposed to care cannot or will not get half that many from every town across the nation to march on the White House. 

The blood of four Americans is on the hands of the most Erebusic polymorphous individuals in the history of those who have occupied the White House.  And the mendacious, narcissist-potentate just showed how much it mattered to him.  He allowed them to be murdered, in part, to save his election.  And now he micturates on their graves and in the faces of their families by rewarding his hand-picked liar with promotion. I’ve witnessed the arrogance of narcissists before, but this is a callous sociopath, as well. 

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