Grocery Manufactures Scheming To Criminalize GMO Labeling

gmoNatural News reports that the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is scheming to criminalize  state-by-state GMO labeling laws in a deviously evil effort to keep consumers  ignorant of what they’re eating.

Only last year the  GMA was caught running a $7.2 million  “slush fund” to allow companies to dump huge dollars into fighting GMO labeling in Washington state  while deceptively concealing their identities, in direct violation of Washington’s Public Disclosure Act.

Now they are plotting to have  the FDA declare GMOs as “natural so that foods made with GMOs can  claim “all natural” on their labels.   A  recent petition filed with the FDA  states, “GMA will be filing a Citizen Petition early in 2014 that asks the FDA  to issue a regulation authorizing foods containing ingredients derived from  biotechnology to be labeled ‘natural.'” 

It makes me sick to admit that they will probably get their wish.  The FDA, staffed with former Monsanto employees, has bent over backwards to promote GMOs while Congress has cooperated by passing GMO friendly legislation.   Money buys a lot of friends. 

Food Democracy Now also reports that Monsanto  and large food companies are scheming behind the  to introduce a bill in Congress that would kill all mandatory state GMO labeling efforts and replace them  with a gutted version of a bill to preempt states’ rights and give the illusion  of serious regulation.”

It is apparent from their actions that GMA, with a long-established history of using deceptive tactics to help Monsanto hide  dangerous GMO products,  solely represents the profit interests of dishonest, deceptive food  manufacturers who sell these toxic poisons.

While most are familiar with research on GM corn, researchers from the GenOk Centre for Biosafety in Norway published a new study,  “Compositional differences in soybeans on the market: glyphosate accumulates in  Roundup Ready GM soybeans,” comparing the nutritional make-up and contamination levels of genetically  modified, conventional and organic varieties of soy.  They found that GM soybeans engineered to be tolerant to the herbicide glyphosate  were actually accumulating high levels of residues from glyphosate and AMPA – a  degradation product of glyphosate – taken up by the plants during the growing  season.

Glyphosate is absorbed throughout the plant, including in both the  leaves and beans.  Both toxins have been found to be bioavailable when taken  orally and were found in the final “market ready” food product in every sample  tested.  AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid), metabolized from Monsanto’s Roundup-ready  glyphosate herbicide, mimics the glutamate neurotransmitter in the  body, putting it in a class of substances with potentially excitotoxic effects  on neuron receptors in the brain and nervous system.    GM soybeans account for an unsettling 93% of U.S. and 75% of global soybean crop  production.

Monsanto and other biotech companies involved with genetically engineered seeds are fighting tooth and nail to prevent labeling of their products, knowing full well that such a label has the potential to destroy the profits made on poisoning consumers.

Watch Thierry Vrain, a former research scientists for Agriculture Canada, talks about “superweeds, genetic pollution, antibiotic resistance and food allergies,” all attributable to GMOs.

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