Warning or Threat?


American Muslim Alliance director Mahdi Bray speaks at the National Press Club on Monday, December 21, 2015. He is flanked by Council on American-Islamic Relations national executive director, Nihad Awad, and CAIR national board chair Roula Allouch. (Screenshot: C-SPAN)

Leaders of several American Muslim organizations warned Donald Trump and other presidential candidates that if they engage in bigotry and “Islamophobia” there will be a price to pay political wise because they are taking their souls to the polls. Yes, they intend on registering their people (Muslims) and make sure anyone who disagrees with their takeover of our Christian Nation won’t win the election.

Sounds more like a threat and voter fraud than a warning to me. But isn’t that what the American citizens expect of them anyway? After all, you don’t let a bunch of murdering cut-throats in your country unless there’s an under lying reason….voter fraud to accelerate their agenda.

Let’s face it. The Democrats know what a mess they’ve made of our country, and they also know they haven’t a chance of getting another Democrat in office unless they use the powers of Hell which include lying, cheating, stealing and threats. It’s what they do best.

They were quick to add they were not forcing, endorsing any candidate because they were 501(c)(3) organizations (non-profit), but they were “not non-principled”, and they would be engaged in the election.

Lets explore that concept for a moment. Christian churches are non-profit with principals, yet they were threatened to keep politics out of the pulpit or they would lose their non-profit status. So here’s another double standard which is very common with the Obama administration. Muslims can be engaged in politics, but not Christians. Muslims can break the rules but Christians must follow the rules.

Other propaganda was spouted about ISIS and that we should not be afraid of them because America was strong and could not be defeated. Yep. Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly. We just want to disarm you, put all Muslims in government offices and force a false religion of Allah on everyone.

I found it  very interesting how they agreed with and defended Hillary but dumped on Donald Trump stating that he, Trump was helping ISIS. Was it not while Hillary was in the Obama Administration that money was being funneled to arm ISIS? Is it not Hillary who will do anything a friend or foe wants for the right amount of money? This paints a clear picture as to whom is helping ISIS, and it isn’t Donald Trump.

It sounds as though the Muslims want Hillary to be the big bad head of the Jihad papas in what used to be the respected White House. And they are willing to use every lie and trick in the book to insure a win for “big mama” Hillary.

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