All Muslims share the Same Islam

All Muslims share the same Islam. The establishment is always telling us that there is a difference between good, moderate Muslims and extremist, jihadist Muslims and that the two have nothing in common.  

WRONG!  What all Muslims have in common is the Koran, common prayers, the same Sunna of Mohammed, and being a member of one Uma (Islamic community).

Indeed, the Koran tells us that the jihadist is a better Muslim than the moderate Muslim. The phrase, Allah Akbar, is not only used as a war cry, but  in every  Muslim’s daily prayers.

We are told that all Muslims want prosperity and democracy, but all Muslims do not want a democracy, because a democracy means that a Kafir is equal to a believer.

All of the Muslims share the Sunna of assassination. So instead saying they do not want violence, they need to say that they reject the evil of the assassination Sunna of Mohammed. That would have real meaning.

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