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A Comparison Of Both Candidates

This presidential election cycle has been both confusing and interesting. With a political master and a reactive champion of blue collar Americans as candidates, the terms of the battle lines are often drawn by the political master, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In this case, Mrs. Clinton knows how to man

This presidential election cycle has been both confusing and interesting. With a political master and a reactive champion of blue collar Americans as candidates, the terms of the battle lines are often drawn by the political master, Hillary Rodham Clinton. In this case, Mrs. Clinton knows how to manipulate the public dialogue in a manner that will shine unwanted attention on the flaws of her opponent, Donald J. Trump. This masterful tactic is part of an ingenious but simple political strategy whereby you change the narrative when you can’t win the narrative. The unfortunate aspect of this strategy is that it is wreaking havoc on the common sense voter who is manipulated into hating the highlighted faults of Mr. Trump, while at the same time being blinded to the faults of Mrs. Clinton. To make matters worse, Mrs. Clinton has amassed a substantial amount of help to realize her strategy. We call it the media. And unlike the media that dismantled the corrupt Tammany Hall machine, today’s media is more than complicit, it has become her most valuable accomplice.

In an attempt to help voters focus on the real issues of this fate-changing campaign, the following chart has been created.

Donald J. Trump Hillary Rodham Clinton
Promises to protect our Second Amendment rights to defend ourselves and our families. Openly supports more gun control. Has promised to appoint Supreme Court judges that will effectively abolish our Second Amendment Rights.
Pledges to build a wall to protect our borders. In private speeches has claimed to be an advocate of a borderless country.
Promises to create jobs based on past experience as someone who has created an innumerable amount of jobs. Promised to create jobs that never materialized when she ran for Senator of NY. She has, however, created jobs for those working in the Clinton Foundation, including her daughter Chelsea, who began bringing in a whopping $1,000,000 per year right after college.
Promises to abolish Obamacare. Created the prototype of Obamacare when First Lady, which was known as Hillarycare.
Expanded his financial portfolio through building and creating new entities. Expanded her financial portfolio exponentially by selling America’s favors to foreign donors, who often were enemies of America.
Has promised to appoint Supreme Court justices that are originalists that will uphold and support the Constitution. Has stated that she will appoint Supreme Court justices based on their life experiences, which she believes should rightfully influence their decisions.
A reformed and repentant playboy. An enabler of a nationally-acclaimed sexual addict and an enemy of his victims. NOTE: Bill Clinton’s abuse of power and sexual conduct led to him being disbarred and impeached. It also cost him $850,000, which he had to pay to Paula Jones, one of his victims.
Believes in law and order. Believes the police are corrupt and need to be re-trained.
Believes in national security and that refugees from terrorists nations should not be allowed to enter the USA until they can be properly vetted. Her open-border stance includes welcoming refugees from terrorists nations into America, knowing that they cannot be properly vetted. However, made no attempt to allow Christian refugees entrance.
Has gone into the inner cities offering hope and protection. Has gone into the inner cities promoting division and supporting the ideas of victimization, all while preaching unity.
Wants to repeal the 1954 Johnson Amendment that muzzled the voices of our churches and demolished their free political speech. Has thrown all Jews, Catholics, and Evangelicals into her basket of deplorables – and is still asking for their votes.
Wants to build up our military and improve the VA. As Secretary of State had been complicit in depleting our military while helping to build the military of terrorist nations. Also served on the Armed Services Committee while Senator and did nothing to improve the conditions at the VA, but uses her time there as something that should be credited to her experience – all while stifling a fair discussion of what her experience accomplished.
Wants to abolish Common Core, which overrides the autonomy of local Boards of Education and wants to return control back to the local BOEs. Supported her husband’s Goals 2000 program, which was initiated to give the Federal government control over local Boards of Education and is the precursor of Common Core.
Believes in placing America first in all of his decision, making him a nationalist. Believes in a New World Order and no borders for America, which makes her a globalist. This includes her promotion of the UN Rights of the Child that would strip parents of their God-given parental rights and bestow them on a UN committee of unknown foreign states and their representatives. It is what she meant when she said that it takes a village to raise a child.
Wants to repeal NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) and opposes TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership). Says she’s against them in public but supports them in private.
Has reached out to Putin to create an atmosphere where the two countries can negotiate peace. Has struck deals with Putin through her Clinton Foundation and then double-crossed him, creating an impassioned enemy. It should be noted here that if Russia is behind the security breaches and email debacle, that it is just as logical to conclude that Putin is doing this out of revenge for how HRC treated him in the past and not out of any covert love for Trump.It should also be noted that there are various unsubstantiated reports from the region that Putin is preparing for nuclear war should Clinton be elected.
Unknown factor when it comes to his reaction to foreign threats. Either employed poor or criminal judgment when it came to reacting to Libya’s threat of our American Embassy, resulting in the deaths of four Americans. This also resulted in what should have been the predicted radicalization of Libya.Do we really want this woman to be responsible for the safety of our loved ones?
In the past has managed to create a media frenzy over his candidacy. Has maintained media collusion to hide her faults and maintain hyper-focus on her opponent’s faults. This collusion has included releasing unsubstantiated (and as of now, debunked) reports from women alleging unwanted sexual advances from Trump, while burying the WIKI leaks reports that condemn her actions on too many issues to list.
Authentic, what-you-see-is-what-you-get personality, who at times can be very reactive. Calculating and manipulative with a proven track record of secrecy, incompetence, dangerous inconsistencies, a willingness to exploit, with the real HRC being a true mystery, since she admittedly has two position on any issue..Documented speeches have her admitting to presenting one policy to the public and another one for her donors. In other words, has admitted to telling the public what they want to hear even when she has no intentions of supporting what they want to hear – all the while intending to represent the interests of her donors – even if they conflict with the public’s best interest. However, she may be lying to them as well, as it is within the realm of possibility that the only interests she represents are her own.


There you have it. A comparison of the candidates without the media-hype. Choose which one you think is better for America, and don’t engage in the propaganda strategies that would have you ignore the record of one and hyper-focus on the faults of the other. Frankly, the future of America depends on your ability to think this through.

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