Utopia: An Empty Promise

Memo to Leftists:

I hate the world you are creating. You must be smart enough to know, or at least sense, that when you reject the God of love, you create a vacuum, a loveless mosh pit. For some of you, that is your goal, the storm you think necessary in preparation for utopia.  Utopia is an empty promise, an exposed lie, proven so throughout history.

Like all dictators, you never deliver utopia, only anguish, and genocide.

I hate the way you harden hearts by making life cheap, sending the message all is random and meaningless by promoting the killing of babies in the womb, and the killing of the elderly and the disabled.

I hate the way you promote selfishness calling it a virtue. You enslave and brainwash the unsuspecting, threatening them to conform, appealing to selfish impulse, guaranteeing misery.

I hate the way you manipulate people with lies. Your ideology is your god, and you worship it fanatically. You demand power, centralized, concentrated power. It is the ultimate ego trip. Why do you want so much power? The answer can only be: you derive great satisfaction dominating others, controlling the world, enforcing conforming. It’s a perverse sexual addiction, entirely selfish, always packaged as benevolence and altruism.

I hate the way you attack people. No false accusation is out of bounds. No slander too cruel. No assault too vicious. You are all about merciless aggression, the satanic séance.

I hate how you exploit the poor. You always promise deliverance, and never deliver. Instead you raise taxes to subsidize growing populations of hopeless and dependent people.

I hate the way you provoke racial divisions and tensions only to amass more power by demonizing all opposition, smearing everyone a racist.

I hate the way you ridicule goodness and decency.

I hate the way you use deception like a carving knife, always ready to slice up the next victim of the death culture.

I hate your arrogance which gives you permission to participate in such evils. You have launched a Secular Inquisition demanding everyone convert to secular humanism on pain of deportation, or worse.

And at the same time I marvel at the Love of God who is forever available to anyone courageous enough to admit error, repent, believe and receive Christ, and walk in the newness of life.

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