Christians Become Too Soft and Nice?


Two weeks ago I officially qualified for Medicare. I have no idea how I messed around and became this danged old. It is a funny thing…age…they say it is a state of mind. Why is it inside my head I still feel like I am 21? I guess I am not really clear on which state my mind is currently passing through.

Am I the only one who finds himself looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection of a gray haired “Grampie” where a Greek God once stood? Luckily my precious wife is aging right along side of me and her vision isn’t what it used to be.

But there are some good things that come along with getting order. I call it the I-don’t-give-a-craps.  Earlier in my adulthood as I was forging my course in life I found myself biting my tongue a lot.  Climbing the ladder often required laryngitis and like so many others I had some young mouths to feed. So I learned to “put a sock in it.”

But the older I get the more often that sock starts slipping out. Now that I found myself on the downhill side of this thing we call life I have come to realize that it is much more desirable for me to be right than it is to be liked. I hope people like me…but that is where the give-a-craps come into play.

I am tired of acting nice.  In fact, I am tired of “acting” in general and I have come to the conclusion that America is heading straight for the crapper because most of my Christian friends are still more interested in being liked than they are in speaking the Truth.

It’s not that I have ego problems. I don’t mind being PROVEN wrong, but I am sick of the weenie Christian attitude that we are not supposed to be contentious. Argumentative…I think that is what contentious means…and I cannot think of one human endeavor where you will be successful if you are not willing to fight.

That used to be a virtue…standing up for what you believe. But in today’s snowflake world standing up for what you believe is not very Christian. Christians are loving…and thoughtful…and pushovers…that’s why you never see the ACLU or SPLC attacking the Muslim faith.

When thinking of the average Muslim “kind” is not one of the first adjective’s to pop into an atheistic lawyer’s mind. Christians are kind. Muslims are…well you get the picture. That’s why all of the pencil-necked lawyers chase the Christians out of the public square. Christians “act” like Christians.

Christians think getting run over by the world is Christ-like. In a face to face battle are you betting on the Muzzies or the Christians?  Your answer will speak volumes about the condition of the American church.

I warned you…I’m getting a serious case of the give-a-craps.  (Some of you are offended because I used the word “crap”). That’s what I am talking about, Willis. Save your holier-than-thou religious comments for someone else.

Now that we have made it through the love-fest masquerading as Christmas perhaps I could take this opportunity to open your eyes to the fact that, for the most part, American Christianity is worshipping a non-existent Jesus. You heard me right. Every time Christmas season rolls around we remake Jesus in our own image.

Just like you and me, Jesus made his way out of the crib. He is no longer a Babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.  He is a risen Savior sitting at the Right Hand of God. He is THE King of the Kings and THE Lord of the Lords. Why do we fight so hard to make him seem so snowflakish?

I am beginning to think that all of this snowflakeism found its genesis in the nicer-than-Jesus evanjellyfish church. “Who am I to Judge?”  Right? Soft churches are full of soft men.

Aren’t the church and the snowflakes on college campuses tooting the same horn? You know what I mean…the Gospel of Rodney King…why can’t we all just get along?  That would be fine except that isn’t the message that Jesus preached.

Can this creaked old bag of bones cut to the chase on you here?

Check out the Disciples of Jesus and you will find that they were not a bunch of non-offensive pretty boys. Call me calloused, but I can’t see the Apostle Paul wearing skinny jeans and puffy hair and being indifferent towards the slaughter of the pre-born.

John the Baptist was a pretty rough and tumble guy and I am pretty sure that he wasn’t very popular on the Synagogue speaking circuit. He was about the most edgy and unpolished evangelist that the world had ever seen, unless you forget the Old Testament radicals Jeremiah, Isaiah, or Zeke.

In fact, did you know that Jesus is returning with blood dripping off of his garments and He is going to clean the place up?

Yes my friends, Jesus was born in a manager with no crib for a bed but that is merely where the story begins. If you take the time to get your head out your Christmas copy of “Your Best Life Now” and back into the Bible you will find that Jesus is returning and He ain’t coming back in a baby stroller.

So, I am going to prepare for war. It is time we stopped begging folks to “come to Jesus” as if we were inviting them to some multi-level marketing program. The day of the Lord is a fearful day and it is time we cut all of the crap and start warning the wicked of the wrath to come.

It is time to stop “acting” like a Christian and time to start being one. If I am lucky I have 20 years left to live. I’m going out fighting. Who gives a crap what the Lord’s enemies think?

I’d rather be right than liked. Do you care to join the fight?

Dave Daubenmire

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