Does Holiness Matter Anymore?


Throughout history, Christians have vacillated between two extremes: compromising with the culture or removing themselves from it (isolation).

Neither extreme is healthy. But the focus of this article is on “the cares of this world”—being so ingrained in the culture that we are unproductive for Christ.

Scripture is clear​, our lifestyle should reflect God’s heart rather than the world’s influence. The world will know that we are Christians by our love for one another and by our obedience, not by how well we imitate the world around us. Oswald Chambers once noted that a sinner, who is now saved by grace, “proves he is forgiven by being the opposite of who he was.” He no longer resembles the sinful world that use to sway his heart.

Carnal Christians give God “His due” (a few hours on Sunday), but they forget His call to “come out from among them (the world) and be separate.”

Is the world influencing you? What does your mental media diet consist of? Who do you hang out with? What, and who, do you listen to? Is your heart set toward the things of God or the world’s influence? A quick peruse of your LIKEs and posts on Facebook will reveal a great deal.

Many go to church sporadically, but would rather sit at home. They are disengaged and bored during worship when they do attend. Their social media posts resemble Hollywood not the work of the Spirit. They choose friends who complement their worldly lifestyle, rather than friends who challenge them to live for God. They prefer wine tasting at Bible studies versus an in depth study. The things of the world are exciting and the things of God are dull.

Be clear here: the cares of this world will draw you (and me) away from our relationship with God if we allow them to.

Shane Idleman

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