Crushing the Truth with Social Trends

Hiding our worst behavior and lies under pop-culture, bad law and big bucks would have been a more appropriate title for this article, but we are forced to soft pedal the truth in today’s climate of PC buffoonery and collective national denial.

We are not merely waxing philosophical when we say that today an intellectually honest person must wade through the deep waters of semantic nonsense to make a point without offending someone. The anti-PC Warrior must use all the politically incorrect verbiage of the day to jog the conscience of the weak minded. The prophetic voices must sharpen their words without cutting anyone in particular – a daunting task!

What is the result of all this effort?

We will have to leave this question to posterity and the scrutiny of the Creator, but honesty demands that we must concede to the poorest prognostication – it’s not looking too good.

It is amazing that we now have a President whose aim is to “Make America great again” but he faces two great problems. The first is that not all American are onboard with him, the second is that we may have lost the vision of greatness.

We are looking toward a stronger economy, a more lethal military and a rebuilding of our own infrastructure, all good, but not enough.

America may be exceptional, but we are not above exception when it comes to our moral condition. We do not set the standard; it was set long before we ever became a nation. It is an immutable pillar that applies to all nations throughout all time. It is the truth that moral strength is the only real and lasting power that any nation will ever have.

It is far beyond doubt that our moral strength is the only strength that God recognizes. Nations may use words like “superpower” but God sees them all as a mere drop in the bucket.

It is here that we can stand on solid ground by saying that of all our collective sinfulness and immorality two great sins of our nation stand out among them all. Do nothing about these two and our nation will fall as sure as the tide still moves the seas.

Without doubt the two sins are sexual immorality and abortion.

Regardless of the endless letters the LGBT appendage their acronym with; the promotion of sexual perversion is a curse to any nation.

The next great lie our nation has begun to accept is that there is no judgment for the unbridled aborting of sixty million perfectly healthy un-born human babies. This is naiveté with dire consequences, but like sexual immorality we have erected a great imaginary wall of protection to shield us from these consequences.

Abortionists hide behind the wall of Roe v. Wade and the perverted hide behind the ruling of Obergefell v. Hodges.

The social acceptance of this sinfulness is the engine that propels us to bring the law to bear upon our decline. With the law in place now we think we can continue in this cursed behavior with complete impunity,

In the media and public endeavors it is commerce that rises to give its stamp of approval to our sins. Talk down, about perversions and abortion and they will remove sponsorship, advertisements and commercial support from our endeavors.

In the about us page, of this writers website, there is a paragraph I have never been sorry for posting – it reads; “We have no sponsors, advertisers or affiliates expressly so the messages found here will not be biased by anything other than the greater glory of God and the good of our country. We offer no products for profit.”

We don’t want fake news, fake laws or any advertiser deciding how far we can go in telling the truth.

What truth?

Simply put;

This country cannot survive without returning to God.

Don’t think it is hopeless there is a way out on a one to one basis. If you will humble yourself and receive Christ as a child, he will not refuse you.

“All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all.” (Isa 53: 6)

Michael Bresciani

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