Money and Power Controls the Debate

Climate alarmism, based on the erosion of the distinction between science and political advocacy, is about making up scare stories based on computer models with no basis in reality and recycled as scientific evidence.

Many of the climate lies promote the idea that we are facing human extinction unless we fundamentally change the way we live our lives, which Stephen Schneider, a climatologist, justifies because “we are not just scientists but human beings…we need to capture the public imagination…” offer up “scary scenarios, and make simplified dramatic statements” while making “little mention of any doubts that we have.”

Speaking of scary, Prince Charles, like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab, has no qualification to render advice on the environment and yet, at the United Nations Summit on Biodiversity last year, he called for a “military-style campaign” reminiscent of the US Marshall Plan to combat climate change.   For those not familiar with the Marshall Plan of 1948, it transferred over $12 billion of U.S. taxpayer money to Western European economies after the end of World War II. This amount is equivalent to the value of over $129 billion today.

What Charles is saying is that US taxpayers should pay through the nose indefinitely until such time as the environmental nuts declare our Earth healed and free from weather. Sounds exactly like the sustainability goals the UN has been pushing for years in an effort to mass engineer a global economy.

If the left gets their way, those that refuse to be duped by the climate change oligarchy and its cult-like following, will be deemed “enemies of the state” – locked down, isolated, fined and forced to obey the government in much the same way that healthy people are being locked down, isolated, fined and arrested if they do not comply with the medical edicts that have no basis in science.  After all, combating climate change by restricting human freedom is for “our safety.”

Even Pope Francis, who has devoted much of his reign to the priority of climate change, is calling on world leaders to recognize “that the gift of the earth with its fruits belongs to everyone.”  In 2019 he went so far as to call for “drastic measures” to combat global warming by abandoning dependence on fossil fuels and moving quickly towards forms of “clean energy and a sustainable and circular economy.”

The pope has also been consistent in endorsing globalist communism in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that the “magic theories” of market capitalism has failed.”  It is, he said the “perverse” global economic system that consistently keeps the poor on the margins while enriching the few.  He also rejected the concept of an absolute right to property for individuals, stressing instead the “social purpose” and common good that must come from sharing the Earth’s resources.

In the left’s grandeur of illusion, an all-powerful world government would create perfect weather where fires, tornadoes, mud slides, and hurricanes cease to exist and the earth’s temperature would converge with their unscientific computer models; where men would join hands and sing kumbaya as the blue bird of happiness  flutters by.

But, in truth,  global warming is but a ruse to eliminate human rights and turn the world into a centrally planned plantation of resource and wealth distribution, a place where people are told how to live, how to think and how to behave.

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